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Default ~*~ !Tamer's Story! ~*~

Chapter One: The Beginning!

It’s a beautiful morning in the small town of Newbark in Johto region. The sun is shinning, and glowing in marvelouse yellow rays. Sweet scents blows with the tender breezes, the breezes that blows once in a while, making the view and the weather just calm and much more beautiful. Pidgey flocks flying high in the sky, toward the east. It as just a beautiful scenery, especially with the green grass all over the place, the trees and flowers dancing with the wind blows.

And in the far edge of Newbark Town, just beside the beautiful, crystal clear, lake, a small house was built by Scott, a well known Pokemon trainer, with the help of his wife, Lisa, so they can live in. The house was built like sixteen years ago, and the two couples got married and lived in it and had a child, almost fifteen years ago. That child was their only and his name was Tamer.

Tamer’s alarm clock started to ring in its known, noisy and annoying sound, exactly at 7:30am. Tamer took out a small hammer he used to hide under his pillow and crushed the alarm clock into a million pieces and he smiled. He got out of bed and started yawning and rubbing his eyes, he look so happy today, and so excited. Today is the day that Tamer will finally achieve his dream of becoming a Pokemon trainer, today professor Elm is coming and he will give Tamer his starter.

Tamer walked slowly toward his window and opened the curtains to let the beautiful and bright sun rays to enter his room. And then he opened his window as a very tender and soft breeze blows. Tamer took a big breath as he and his tidy and cozy bedroom freshened-up for this day.

Tamer walked out his room and went to the bathroom just beside his room. He entered and opened the tab and the crystal clear, fresh and clean water poured out like a waterfall, it was so fresh and so delightful. Tamer washed up and closed the tab and went back to his room to do some morning exercises. He started with some push-ups, and he did fifty of them four times. Then he did some sit-ups to train his stomach and he did one hundred sit-ups four times too. Then he started doing some bending and stretching.

After those exercises Tamer went to his closet and opened its wooden doors widely and started looking in it searching for some clothes to wear for the journey. Finally he took out what he needs and then he closed the closet. He took off his pajamas and put on his grey, baggy, Tommy-Hilfiger jeans, and his plain, black T-shirt and he put on his socks and his white sport boots. He looked at his desk and grabbed his black, leather gloves and his silver necklace chain and wore them on. Finally he took his black and grey bandanna and put it on his head and walked out of his room.

Tamer walked down stairs slowly, especially after he heard the voice of professor Elm talking with his parents. Tamer continued walking and he said “Hi” to professor Elm, it was the only word he managed to say after he saw six Pokeballs and a Pokedex on the table. His parents and the professor asked him to get closer and so he did, he walked toward them slowly but excitedly.

“Tamer!” Prof. Elm cried. “You want to be a trainer, and I need a little help! So I guess we will work together to achieve each other’s dreams. I will give you a Pokemon, Prof. Birch sent it to me a week ago. That Pokemon seems to miss its home and I can’t go to Hoenn. So I will give you that Pokemon and you will go to Hoenn for me and travel there trying to know what does the Pokemon needs and such! So is it a deal?” He asked.

Tamer looked at the professor for a while and nodded with his head. “Sure, I’ll take the Pokemon and train it for you professor.” Tamer answered smiling.

“Good Tamer, here, take your Pokemon it’s a Spheal. He is one fine water and ice type Pokemon, very strong when he evolves beside his jolly nature. Both of you will make a great team, and I am sure of that Tamer.” The professor in white told Tamer.

“Thanks a lot Prof. I will take good care of Spheal.” Tamer said.

The professor gave Tamer six Pokeballs; one of them contains Spheal, a Pokedex and the ticket to Hoenn. Tamer was so happy and so excited that a dream is coming true, a bright future awaits him with Pokemon. He thanked Prof. Elm and hugged his parents as he ran upstairs with his stuff and shut his bedroom’s door.

Tamer selected the Pokeball that contains his very first Pokemon in it and grabbed it raising high. He opened the Pokeball and a bright flash appeared and formed a ball shape, big ball. After the flash was gone a rounded, blue Pokemon appeared. That was Spheal, the water and ice Pokemon. Tamer looked at it and smiled; he decided to call him Balloon!

On the same day Tamer prepared his backpack with all what he needs and went to the wild at night. His ship sails after few days so he wasn’t on a hurry at all. Tamer went down stairs and saw his father awake. He approached his father quietly and sits beside him on the sofa. He asked him if he can go to the wild, near Newbark Town, to train Spheal a little bit before going to Hoenn, and the father accepted.

Tamer thanked his father, hugged him and kissed him. He went to the door and went out; he will stay in the wild for couple of days now. And in those couple of days he wants to train his Spheal, with his size and shape he would be a good for an Earthquake attack Tamer had in mind. And now the journey that Tamer has awaited for many years begun!!!

To be continued...

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