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Cool Team Aqua: Mercenaries for Hire



Formed by Matthew as the FIRST WAR TEAM EVER, Team Aqua has a proud War history, participating in the first 3 and 2/3 WARs as Team Aqua and Team Aqua/Frost, after the Departure of Matthew, rust took over as the leader and from there has led the team to almost glory. WAR 4 saw none of the older teams in participation, but now that they have been allowed to return, Aqua is back stronger than ever. It is time for Aqua to Dominate.

Welcome aboard the Deathwing, Team Aqua's new base, the largest aircraft carrier in the world. Team Aqua is now a rogue mercenary team that will fight for any organization... for a small fee. Although we say we're fighting for the team, we are really there to steal information and technologies for our most secret goal: Project DIAMOND.

rust: To protect the waters from obliteration,
Finch: To unite all lakes within the nation,
rust: To denounce the evils of falsehoods and lies
Finch: To protect the waters to the atmosphere and skies,
rust: rust,
Finch: Finch,
rust: Team Aqua expands the ocean,
Finch: Surrender now, or prepare to die!
The Magical Talking Sealeo: That's right!
Wally, the Mutated Green Feraligatr: Wobbuf-... I mean Feraligatr!


Supreme Field Commander rust
Co-Leader/Captain of Espionage Finch
Captain of the Air Force - Jamie
Captain of Marines - Mudkip
Captain of Commandos - Espeon Rinage



Special Forces:

Deoxysfan3 (2/18)
PokemonTrainerChase (7/19)
ChronoPika (7/4)

Administration (500+ Posts):

SamusAran (4/15)
Zero (4/28)
Kayden (6/01)
DarkChild (6/30)
May Norman (7/2)
perfectpichu (7/3)
NextGenAuthoress (7/13)
Grumpiguno (7/15)
Elfenbow (7/1)

Assassin (300 Posts):

Sceptile Frost (6/6)

Grunt Group Leader (200 Posts):


Grunt (1 Post):

Blue Thunder (4/13)
Team Aqua Nick (3/21)
FrostBit (3/21)
Worthless Wisdom (3/29)
Goer (4/10)
Chez (4/11)
Juan (4/11)
A5dd (5/22)


Application Form

Age: (None of Your Business is Acceptable)
Will You Participate in the WAR RP?:
Why You Want to Join:

Team Aqua Code of (Dis)Honor
AKA Thread Rules

1) Never Surrender
2) Never Reveal our secrets to the Enemy
3) Everyone is Equal, However some are more equal than others
4) Spamming is frowned upon throughout the whole forum
5) The Thread shall be kept suitable for Under 13s
6) Post at least once a week in this thread, or be banned

Required Reads
Remaining a Member of Team Aqua
Learn how to become a SWAT Member!
Becoming Captain of Something
Team Aqua's NetBattleSchool

Visit our Message Boards!
Listen to Our Theme Song!

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