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Default Re: ~*~ !Tamer's Story! ~*~

Chapter Two: The Dream!

It was like 10:23pm on the same day Tamer got his Spheal in. They went toward the medium sized, crystal clear and shinning lake and swam a little bit so Spheal would be kind of happy or pleased. After Tamer so the smile, finally, on his rounded Pokemon’s face he was so happy and got out of water. He looked at Spheal and called him with his name, “Balloon”, he cried.

“It’s training time Balloon.” Tamer told his sweet and rounded shape Pokemon, Spheal, while looking at him. Suddenly Tamer had some kind of a vision; he saw how Spheal would do very strong earthquakes with his rounded and bulky body. “I GOT IT, FINALLY!” Tamer screamed while standing at the shore of the lake.

Tamer started asking Balloon to rollout and then suddenly jump while still rolling in the sky and slam the ground while rolling as much as you can. Spheal tried many and many times and every single time was a failure. Tamer and his water and ice Pokemon got tired from the two hours; non-stop, training on the earthquake attack.

Tamer looked at his tired Pokemon and asked him to have a rest and play by the lake, while Tamer gets a fast nap on the wet and tender grassy area nearby the lake and Newbark Town. And his eyes got closed due to its heaviness, Tamer was so sleepy and tired and he used the opportunity to sleep now. While his eyes were closed, and he was fast asleep, like a baby Snorlax, Tamer started to dream…

[*In the Dream*]

Tamer was walking in a beautiful valley. Its grass was so green and fresh, flowers are so beautiful, and all colors, pink, yellow, purple, white, red and much more. Calm wind blasts appear once in a while, making the grass and the beautiful flowers dance with its beat. And there was only one tree in the middle of this wide and huge valley. It was enormous and old tree, so green and its trunk was so thick and hard.

Suddenly he saw some wild Pokemon in the distance, the image of those Pokemon was blur, not clear yet. The view started to become clearer every single step those Pokemon do. They Were six Pokemon, and as they got nearer toward Tamer he managed to identify them, Walrien, Arcanine, Jynx, Snorlax, Venusaur and Vaporeon. They were walking toward him in pride and strength of a united force.

The newly born Pokemon trainer, Tamer, ran toward these six Pokemon, knowing somehow that this is his future team, his destiny. He ran toward them with true love and care when he started to sweat. He started to sweat so badly that he felt it is raining in the heat of the night. Everything started to get dark as a huge black hole started to open under Tamer as he falls in it. It was so deep, and it depth made Tamer scream from fear! Suddenly Tamer woke up as he saw Spheal playing on him, all wet from the swimming in the lake.

[*After the Dream*]

Tamer looked at his baby, balloon shaped Pokemon, Spheal and hugged him. He was there in his dream fully evolved with a whole team of strong Pokemon. Tamer put up his mind to capture every single one of them as soon as he can, even if he had to buy them or something. He looked at his Pokemon and started yelling at it to continue training on earthquake attack.

To be continued...

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