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Default [Survivors]Quiz #01

Quiz 01

There are 4 categories: General, URPG, Games, and Potpourri.

Q1: How did Ash defeat Sabrina, the Saffron gym leader, in the anime?

Q2: Name an attack difference between the anime Pikachu and a game Pikachu.

Q3: What was the childhood obsession of the maker of Pokemon?

Q4: Whatís the name of the Electrabuzz fan Ash battles?

Q5: Does Swift miss?

3 vs 3 match between Fing and Shane.
Terrain = Grass.
Both have one mon remaining.
Fing is using his Mantine(Ability: Water Absorb) and Shane has only got her Ludicolo(Ability: Rain Dish).
Previous rounds left remaining a Sunny Day and a Perish Song ending this turn.
Mantine(3/10) +2 SPC ATK, +1 SPEED, Poisoned
Ludicolo(4/10) +3 SPC DEF, Mist (4th turn)

Fing uses an Ice Beam and Shane commands her mon to do a Solarbeam.
All attacks hit, so there arenít any dice throws needed to see if it misses.
Q6: Explain what the outcome will be?

Q7: Who was the Head Grader before Jack?

Q8: How many steps does it take to hatch an egg made by a Ditto and a Cleffa?
Q9: In GSC, whatís the nickname of the Lighthouse Pokemon Yasmine, the gym leader, is taking care of?

This is a Sudoku.

The idea is to fill the blanks by these simple rules:
All numbers from 1 through 9 must appear once in
-each column
-each row and
-each of the 9 squares measuring 3x3.

What number is actually on the spot of the question mark? Multiply that number by 7, add 1, and multiply it by 6.

Q10: Which Pokemon has the same Pokedex nr as the one you calculated? (First Kanto (1-151), then Johto (152-251), then Hoenn (252-386))

This quiz was created by our Quiz Master, DaRkUmBrEoN.

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