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Default Re: Team Aqua: Rebirth

To stay on Team Aqua, you need to post once a week, it keeps people from joining and leaving, and taking up space on the first post. Here is the list of all the TA members, and when they need to post by or they are banned. If you are going on vacation (or etc), TELL ME FIRST, or I will think you are ditching us. If there is a name in (perentheses), that means that that person loses their SWAT or Special Forces rank if they are banned. All Leaders and Captains are exempt from this rule.

FOB Raver Must Post By Saturday Each Week!
Espeon Must Post By Sunday Each Week!
mdlikeblastoise Must Post By Monday Each Week! (Deoxysfan)
Team Aqua Nick Must Post By Tuesday Each Week!
Frost Bit Must Post By Tuesday Each Week!


Hall of Shame:
This is a list of banned members. They can be unbanned by posting here, apoligizing, and never forgetting to post here again. They only have 1 second chance.

(This Could Be You!) [0 Chances Left]
(This Could Be You!) [1 Chance Left]

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