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Default Re: [Survivors]Quiz #01

Damn... How hard is it to read? What bothers me the most is that I didn't see what WTP posted, not that I really care, and that WTP is a member of my own tribe. =/

The thing is that now I, once again, am computerless. Luckily I got the quiz up, so you guys have a little activity in that, but I have no access to my Survivors stuff again. This involves with my activity this week as well, no NBL or URPG for me this week.

Now, as for your punishment, WTP, I am more than sure that the people in our tribe didn't really like your litttle trick here, so if we won't win this challenge, you can only guess who'll be blamed first for it. This would resort to eliminating you from the Survivors, but what punishment is in that? Anyone can get eliminated without being a rulebreaker. I also can't take anything away from you since I don't have the power/authority/ability and that wouldn't be righteous anyways.

So, what should we do with you? Hang you publicly and feed to the pigs? I don't have time to bother with this at the moment, because I'm AIMless, but just wait, WTP, just wait until I get my computer working again.