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Default Re: George W. Bush: What do you think?

Originally Posted by Alakazam
First of all, I must admit that I didn't pay as much attention to politics during Clinton's administration...and I realize that information that I don't ahev about that era may influence my opinion. However, I hate it when people blame everything on the prior president, and think the current president blameless.
I hate when everyone blames the current president, and thinks that the previous president has no fault in the problem.

Anyway, CS, I think you'd agree with me when I say that I think that debating singular quotes would be a total waste of our time, so I'll just compress my general rebuttal and moce on.

First of all, I posted 'sing' as shorthand for 'singular', and would never say 'sing' in public. However, I do get your point. The president makes lots of speeches, but his butchering of the English language has just been something that has always bugged me. I hope you realize that it is only one of the lesser, preliminary reaons I gave for my opposition to Bush; there's more to come.
Um... you are taking consideration the amount of his very lengthy and copius amount of speaches that he doesn't make a mistake in, right?

Now, leaveing the president's speech behind us, I'd like to present my primary reason for disliking, no despising, the president: The Iraq War. I believe that, if we hadn't invaded Iraq 15 months ago, the only thing that would be different today would be that 700 more Americans would be alive, and countless more Iraqis. Bush started a war. Period.
I hope you are referring to Bush Senior, because the White House did pass his proposal for a regime change in Iraq after Saddam tried to kill him. Bush Junior signed the allowance of a foot-inavsion of Iraq along with another bombing
In my opinion, it was hardly provoked. He claimed that there was an immenant threat, that we would be attacked by WMDs. Were there any? No.
Actually, they had the materials, had programs both funded and in progress, and were actually making the weapons. He called it an Imminent threat, because something so small as a guy in nowheresvill who didn't like us was one, and one of the richest men in the world also didn't like us and had the means to have a more immenant threat.

In fact, the current administration now denies ever using the phrase 'imminant threat' to describe the situation with Iraq. Also, Bush filled the minds of the ignorant masses that Hussein was in league with Al-Qaeda, and was responsible for 9/11. He preyed upon the weakness of the people after the disaster, rallying them towards a 'noble' cause.
Information from Al-Qaeda stated that Saddam help funded them. It turns out that they were wrong.

Something I'm going to clear up real quick: Bush doesn't "lie". Bush is told lies, which gets backed and he thinks it's true. He makes a speach about it, 3 months later they find it isn't true, and everyone points the blame at him. Don't they realize that HE was lied to first? Unless he personally goes on each investigation, he only knows what we know: what we're told.

Before the Iraq War, Colin Powell gave two/three (which I'll explain in a minute) reasons for the invasion of Iraq, in order of importance and priority:

1.) Retribution for 9/11 and destruction of a regime that harbors terrorists

2.) Destruction of the WMDs to destroy the threat to America

When a reporter asked about 'liberating tghe oppressed Iraqi people' as a reason, Powell told him that it was a distant tertiary motive.
The safety of America comes first.

Alright now, reaons 1 and 2 are complete bull, as we now know, and the administartion is strectching that reason they labelled as 'tertiary' before the war as a noble, essential purpose for invading.
I bolded the true parts of the "Bull" and came out with a nice steer. Even if they are stretching the tertairy purpose, it was still a purpose.

Sup, Dog? Check this out.
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