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Default Re: GAJITTS --> A bit risky, but hey.

Originally Posted by Game Fortress
Why am I posting this game here? Pikachu fans are not going to like this

Name: Gajitts
Size: 1.78 MB
Genre: once describe as crazy/random/insane fun!

The purpose of Gajitts? To have FUN. I will add a campaign mode later, but right now you can build your own levels, and see just how many Pikachus you can destroy. (these will not remain Pikachus) Use weapons such as Mcdonalds Hamburgers, giant boulders, dynamite, trapdoors, acidic Pikachus, extendo-fists, thunder clouds, fireworks, lasers, nukes and more.... The limit to the destruction: there is none.

This game is a very very old game I made. Now I am a bit more experienced I have been thinking about fixing this version, making the graphics tons better (because they reek right now) and fixing some glitches. I know that the graphics are poor, and that the saving/loading is bummed out. Like I said, old. Do you like the idea for the game, and the gameplay. Obviously in the final version I will change the creature you destroy to something else other than a Pikachu (sorry Pokemon fans). The music is ripped, but I like it, but I will write some more if I decide to fix/finish this game. Enjoy...

As always, the more glitches you find and post, the happier I get!
but can you fix this glich in the short cut plz!!
it dosent work whith wireless connections
I know because my friends tryed it on there wireless connections
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