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Default Re: [Survivors] Challenges and Contests

Week #3 / Month #2

Prize challenge: Special Battle. Scenario: The laughing mist.
Special rules: A weird mist surrounds the arena, all Pokémon have a 25% chance of laughing instead of attacking. Laughing cancells the attack that is called, just like attraction does. Laugh chance must be rolled in the chat, faster pokémon first, and rolled AFTER any confusion roll.
Rules: 3 vs 3, Stadium, No items.
Reminder: The players battling cannot be the people who have participated in the last challenges.
Prize: The winning tribe one free TM for each of the members (each member chooses which one), and one TM for the tribe's rental Pokémon (Even if they don't still have one).
Edit: Stadium, not GSC.


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