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Default Re: George W. Bush: What do you think?

Originally Posted by Kenny_C.002
I think so too. I think the limited information you are getting in comparison to what we are getting can be quite different in mayn ways (one of my teachers live in both Canada and the US and she watches the news from both places, so we kinda pick bits and piece of info here and there).
As for the "blame to Bush and not to Clinton", I personally feel that both should have the blame. Since we are just talking about Bush, it seems that he is the only one getting the blame, but in reality we blame them both.
Your not the only one I was talking to. It's an issue I like to bring up.

As for Clinton, he OKed the attack, which means America never negotiated to begin with.
Negotiations aren't always the best choice. When Al-Qaeda attacked, negotiation was out of the question. The already-issued regime change for Iraq meant that he had the right to O.K. the attack without negotiating with the opposing side.

Yeah. Freedom fries are such because they don't want the attack on Iraq by America. They wanted negotiations. Notice that freedom fries sales did go up.
They went up? Well, the media stayed rather neutral on the issue, so I wouldn't know. They were getting money from Iraq, so they wanted a more peaceful negotiation to keep their change, and decided to not take immediate action. They weren't quite as inspired as us.

I think you did lose money in some ways, considering that free trade between the two countries were hindered during the last year. Thus a slight drop in the american economy (from this reason).
From his grammer alone? That would be a secondary side-effect. It wasn't him signing a deal to hinder the free trade, it was him pronouncing the word wrong.
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