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Information on me: I love to write stories. I have been writting mostly all my life. I keep trying to create new stories that will appeal to others. SOme stories aren't successful and I don't continue them but, if enough people like it and if I like it then I can write sotries that are very long. My favorite type of stories to write are dventures. I will at times go into other catagories of writting other then adventure. Well, this is all I really have to say about myself. The only other thing is that I won't stop writting and you should expect to see a few stories of mine up here at PE2K.

Anger Unleashed *no longer active*
Genre: Adventure
Rating: PG
Summary: A black coated figure captures Meowth in the middle of a storm. A Blue collar is stuck onto Meowth and changes him. Can Ash, Brock, May, Max, Jessie and James save him before its too late?

The Fifth Type *no longer active*
Genre: Adventure
Rating: PG
Summary: The five elements of earth, water, fire and sky have begun to argue and invade in one anothers territory. No one at the Normika acadamy knows what has caused the fighting. How will they stop it?

A Day in the Life of a Meowth *no longer active*
Genre: Adventure
Rating: PG
Summary: Living in the city isn't very easy. Especially if you're a Meowth.

Genetic Code *no longer active*
Genre: Adventure / Drama
Rating: PG-13 for mild violence
Summary: When a young Eevee finds his mother is gone, and that his body has been changed by chemicals, he sets off on a journey to get revenge.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team 9 Lives to the Rescue! *an active sotry*
Genre: Adventure
Rating: PG-13
Summary: With my team, I set off on missions given to me. I help out Pokemon in need, deliver items, or anything else I am told to do. As I continue on my missions, me and my teams rank will go up. Maybe some day we will get the highest rank and become legendary members of the Rescue Force.
*PE2K members are also featured in this fanfiction*

WAR Entries
season IV

More Than One Way
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG
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