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Cat Tails

A collection of stories by Katiekitten.

Completely re-vamped. xD God, I haven't edited this in over a year...

The Naruto Stories - Most recent to less.

1. Nougat
Of late nights and stolen treats. Deitobi oneshot. :3

2. Smile
Everyone has their weaknesses. It's how you deal with them that makes a difference. Deitobi oneshot, major spoilers for chapter 362.

3. Purely Scientific
There were few things left in the world that she knew little about, so naturally he caught her attention, a long forgotten masterpiece by nature herself. Includes an... unorthadox pairing, to say the least. XD

4. Violet Skies
It was at that moment she felt certain, no, absolutely positive of one single thing: Kankuro must die. HidanTema AU fic. Rated T for language.

5. Stargazing
A mask can hide more than just a face. Deitobi oneshot.

6. Flight
She amused him, a little bird beating her wings angrily at the locked door of her cage. Deisaku Oneshot.

7. Confusion
Sometimes he wished everything was as simple as his art. Deitobi oneshot.

8. Of Oranges and Lemons
Trust is a marvellous thing. A Deitobi Oneshot.

9. Standing on the Brink
When you are sad and alone, the only thing you can count on is yourself. A Zetsu Centric Oneshot

The Pokemon Stories - Most recent to least, dating back a year.

1. Release
Life isn't a fairy tale - no prince in shining armor can save you from the consequences of your actions. Oneshot.

2. Styx
The story of Phlegyas.

3. A Day in the Life
I knew from the second that Terry lifted up that damned pineapple that Christmas would once again be hell. Yippee.

4. Annie Waits
Placed second in a romance competition on Serebii - Songfic.

Banner by me. Image used in banner by sakimichan on subeta. Character is mine. =3

Yoru Ryu ~ Rar-roX

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