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Default -- Advanced Generation --

-R/S Battling-

The new battling system is slowly being integrated into our group. But here is a little heads up of what is to be expected.

R/S is a bit more complicated in the battle compared to the previous versions. Here, you have 2on2 battles, different battle fields, different weather patterns during battle and the introduction of Pokémon Abilities.

A normal R/S battle will take place just like the G/S style but there are a few more differences which will now be explained.


During battle, you have a Pokémon Ability. You only get to choose one Ability per Pokémon. There will be no changing Pokémon Abilities if it doesn’t do anything (ex. Pick Up on Zigzagoon). It’s how the games works so we follow it. You must tell the Ref which ability you have at the start of the battle.


Before the battle starts, name the type of field you wish to battle on. If you are not sure what field, have the Ref randomly pick one. Here is the list:
Tall Grass

Each area has its surprises and strategies. Gyms may choose these areas to battle under if they wish. All battles in every style are on a Normal field unless someone states otherwise.


Sometimes it rains. Raining is helpful for some of the Pokémon who have Abilities which need Rain. To decide for rain, it’s up to the Ref unless the two battlers have already decided. And let’s be realistic- it cannot rain underwater.


This battle style will be called 2on2 (or if there are more, replace numbers with desired amount). It can be 2 Trainers against 2 Trainers; 1 Trainer with 2 Pokémon against the same. Whatever. As long as rules are followed.

Hopefully, the new addition of R/S style will introduce many new strategies to the URPG and more fun. Take the time to test it out at least once. Have fun with it.

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