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Default The Review Roundup w/Redlark

Welcome to Redlark's Review Roundup!!

So I'm excepting to take on the challenge of reading stories and doing reviews for them.

Here's the Rules:

1. If you'd like your story to be reviewed, just post in this thread with a link to your story.

2. Complete stories are recommended.

3. The Story(ies) that you ask to be reviewed DON'T have to be fully complete, though. But they should be A LEAST longer than a three posts. Unless your whole story is written in one or two posts.

4. Please only request one story at a time. This will allow more people to to have their stories reviewed, instead of a single author's stories reviewed all in a row.

Andrew's post: I'd like you to review my story, Blah Blah, What-what?
Kim's post: Tears of a Ratatta Review that pleeze.
Andrew's post: Since i'm not double posting. Can you also do Blah Blah, What-what? 2: a hero returns after "Tears of a Ratatta." Thank you.
5. Rule #4 changes if I get A LOT of review requests. Then I try to do as many different authors as possible. If review requests are very low, then MAYBE I might do two stories by the same author in the row.

6. Comments on my reviews, how I review, etc. are totally fine to post in this thread.

7. ALL basic rules of the PE2K Forums apply. No spamming, no unneeded language (though sometimes lenient), no crap topics, etc. Just read the Forum rules if you don't know what I mean.

8. I don't mind PM's, but please refrain from "hate mail" if I say something stuped (like mispelling stupid), please and thank you.

9. Stories can be from ANYWHERE on the PE2K forums. They could be from this sub-forum, the "Other Fics" Forum, and they even could be URPG fictions.

10. Poems are not excepted as review submissions. No matter how "good" or "bad" they may be.

11. I highly doubt this happening, due to the time and commitment of writing them, but "Epic Poetry" is excepted.

12. Blah, Blah, Blah. Have fun and all that jazz.


Who would like to have their story reviewed?

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