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Default The Wild Shroomish! *Ready for a Grade*

Andrew sprung out of the Petalburg woods with a wild Shroomish in hot pursuit. Andrew had accidentally tripped over it while walking in the woods. The Shroomish was obviously very angry and chased Andrew right out of the woods.

“I’m sorry!” He cried diving out of the Shroomish’s powerful Headbutt attack.

“Shroo… Shroo!” The plant Pokemon screamed.

“If you wanna battle me your on!” Andrew replied, reaching for his nearest Pokeball.

Krabby came out of the ball ready for battle.

The Shroomish charged towards Krabby at an insane speed. The Shroomish attempted to Headbutt it but was sent to the ground when Krabby countered with its powerful Crabhammer.

“Nice shot!” Andrew said, complementing Krabby’s power.

“Shroomish!” The grass Pokemon screamed with rage.

Krabby turned around to see what was going on but it was too late. It had already fallen victim to Shroomish’s deadly Absorb attack.

“Darn…” Andrew said, “I forgot Water Pokemon are weak against Grass…”

“Krab… by…” The crab Pokemon fell to the ground, it’s energy completely drained.

“Krabby, return!” Andrew called his Pokemon back to it’s Pokeball and ran as fast as he could, away from the Shroomish.

He dodged the Pokemon every witch way until he got to the Pokemon Center, a place where a wild Pokemon dare not go.

He shot into it like a bullet and ran right up to Nurse Joy, his dark black hair blowing behind him.

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