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Default Re: The Wild Shroomish!

“Teddiursa lets go!” He called out the little bear Pokemon, It confidently looked straight into Shroomish’s eyes.

Shroomish, making the first move, shot an Absorb at Teddiursa, the same attack used to defeat Krabby.

“Teddiursa,” He commanded, “Dive to the left and Slash it!”

The little Pokemon barely dodged the attack, but connected with Shroomish. The Pokemon yelped in pain and fell to the rocky ground.

The Pokemon suddenly jumped up and Headbutted Teddiursa, taking it by surprise and sending it to the ground, like it had just done to it, seconds ago.

“Teddiursa, get back up and try another Slash!” Teddiursa looked extremely weakened from that last hit but still had energy left to fight on.

Teddiursa flung it self towards Shroomish, landing a critical hit on it. The grass Pokemon once again yelled out in pain. This time it was very, very angry. Shroomish started to go berserk on Teddiursa. The plant Pokemon must’ve hit Teddiursa about twenty times. Teddiursa, this time fell to the ground, completely exhausted.

“No, I can’t lose to Shroomish again!” Andrew screamed. He started to think of ways he could make a comeback. Suddenly an idea popped into his head. An idea so good it was sure not to fail!

“Teddiursa rest, now!” Andrew commanded his normal type Pokemon.

Although Teddiursa couldn’t move there was one thing he could do, and do it well at that! Teddiursa started to fall asleep…

Perfect… Andrew though, waiting for Shroomish to attack.

Shroomish charged towards the sleeping Teddiursa but was sent backwards by the power of its snore attack.

“Teddiursa, Snore, again!” Teddiursa snored so loudly that anybody at least five miles away could here it.

Shroomish was flung backwards by the force of the attack.

Shroomish gave up for the time being and decided to wait until it awoke.

A few minutes later Teddiursa jumped right up from its deep sleep, fully energized.

“Teddiursa, now its time to show it a berserk attack of your own. Thrash!”

Teddiursa insanely charged towards the surprised Shroomish. It flung its fist’s every which way, hit after hit connected with Shroomish until both Pokemon could no longer stand.

“Ok, great job Teddiursa! Now it’s my turn!”

Andrew grabbed an empty Pokeball from his back Pokeball and shot it towards Shroomish.

“Shroomish, your mine!”


Ok story done. I don’t know if its enough but I worked really hard on it. If the battle is to short tell me.
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