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When Altarias Get Hyper
Genre: Action/Adventure/Humor/Parody/Insanity
Rated: PG with some mild language
Status: In Progress; Six chapters made but only 2 posted
Summary: Take one Altaria charged into hyperness from bags of sugar and Pecha berries. Add a sarcastic Blaziken and Plusle, a stupid Swampert, one Beautifly and Azumarrill, and finally put in a wacky author and you got yourself an insane story.
Rating: 6.8/10, told by Redlark. I'd give it a 9/10 since I think this is one of the funniest stories I've made yet even if people says it's like crap.

Bio: I'm just some insane author trying to live through 6th grade. I'm kinda weird in my own ways and I get hurt easily by bad comments that tick me off. People have their own stories and they can do whatever they want, whatever they write. Usually, my specialty are Pokemon insanity stories and romantic fanfictions for the anime, Cardcaptor Sakura. I just love Syaoran and Sakura. <3 Anyway... I'd have to say that my fanfiction, Strawberry Cake is my best one yet. 52 reviews! Woot!

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