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Default Re: Orange Islands Adventure

Chapter 2- A New Friend

"Here Nick, 5 pokeball." Ivy handed over.

"Your kiddin me! I already know which one I want!" Nick yelled with excitement. "I pick.. Charmander!". Nick opened the pokeball that he held in his hand. But nothing came out.

"Sorry, that one was taken by another trainer, a trainer that wasn’t so late! I'm sorry, I know you were looking forward to getting a Charmander or a Chikorita but I couldn’t just tell the trainers that they couldn’t have them ya know" Professor Ivy giggled.

"Ok then lets check out what you have" Nick said, wondering his pokemon he would get afterall.

The first pokemon came out. "Squirtle, Water Pokemon. Can be trained to become a powerful pokemon. Lots of trainers perfer this pokemon to start out with" announced Ivy.

"Cyndaquil, Fire Pokemon. This pokemon packs lots of heat. If attacked, it protects itself with the flame on its back" confirmed professor.

"Eevee, Evolution Pokemon. This little pokemon can evolve into five different pokemon. Can be a good friend and a loyal partner" said Professor Ivy, now waiting for my choosing.

"Alright I think I'm going to choose..." Nick bit his lip while he thought.

"Eevee looks like a loyal partner" Nick told Professor Ivy.

"Well then here you go! Eevee doesn’t stay in its pokeball very often but I will put it in there for now, just make sure to let it out later" explained the Professor as she gave Nick the pokeball.

"Thanks Professor, I'll keep in contact" replied Nick.

Nick sat down on a log. A Weedle crept out of the hollow log. Nick let out his new pokemon, <Eevveeee> growled Nick's new friend.

"Here Eevee, want some food?" Nick kindly asked his pokemon.

Eevee shook its head no and walked off to sit on the other end of the log.

"Fine, No food for you then! Lets head to the pokemon center" Nick demanded.

Eevee stayed still. Nick tried to pick up Eevee but Eevee ran off to a nearby tree. Nick finally decided to just call it back to its pokeball.

Later on...

"Welcome to Valencia Island Pokemon Center! How may I help you?" asked the beautiful Nurse Joy.

"Yeah, can you please treat this Eevee of mine" said Nick. Nick handed over his pokeball with Eevee inside.

Nick walked over to the phone. He called Professor Ivy.

"Nick! Why are you calling so soon? Something happen?" Ivy said, freaking out, thinking something bad happened.

"No, I am here at the Pokemon Center. I just have a question, why doesn’t Eevee obey me?" pondered the new trainer.

"Well Nick, not all pokemon obey there masters. Sometimes it takes some work. Plus I think Eevee is a little scared or mad with humans. See it was abandoned by an other trainer about a month or two ago. Just try to be its friend and maybe you to guys can get along. Now I have to go, Jason just sent me his first catch so I can examine it a little. Talk to you soon!" said the Professor.

Nick knew that with Eevee's attitude it was going to take some time to become friends with it!

"Well Eevee, Jason already made his first catch. That means we have some catching up to do!" Nick clinched his fist as they walked out into a wooded area.

Eevee walked in front of Nick, totally ignoring every comment Nick had made. They walked thru the thick forest. It was getting darker and darker. The sun was just setting.

"Well I was hoping to be off Valencia Island before nightfall but I guess I'm going to have to set up camp here." Nick decided.


"Did you hear that Eevee?" asked Nick, scarred to death. Eevee walked over to Nick, like it was scared to. Suddenly something swept right past us. A large pack of dog pokemons were staring us down. It was a pack of Poochyhena and Mightyhena. Nick picked up Eevee.

"I think this is a good time to run" Nick yelled running at full speed. The pack was after him.

"Don’t worry Eevee, I wont let them harm you" Nick promised, being scared more than Eevee although not wanting to show it.

The pack were gaining on him. A Mightyhena bit him in the leg. Nick let out a screeching cry. He kept on running though. One of the Poochyhena's tripped and made a lot of the pack trip and fall down.

"I think we lost them Eevee" Nick confirmed. Nick still kept running but he was tired, he wasn’t going to be able to keep it up very much longer. Nick tried to keep going.

BAM! Nick fell. Nick was to tired and got clumsy. He dropped Eevee. Nick tried to pick hisself up but couldn’t. His leg was bleeding. He looked to his side to see Eevee staring at him. Eevee was all beat up.

The Mightyhena and Poochyhena caught up with them. They stopped right behind them. Eevee arose to his feet. A Poochyhena had ran to Nick's bag, trying to rip it off of Nick's shoulder. Eevee Headbutted the Poochyhena.

"Thanks.......Friend.." cried Nick. Eevee looked deep at Nick. The next thing Nick saw was amazing. Eevee turned all white. The moon shone brighter than ever before. Eevee grew twice its size. It turned the color of the black sky that sat above them. Yellow rings formed on its legs and ears. Nick's newly transformed Umbreon stared the pack down with its blood red eyes.

Umbreon started to speak to the pack. Then a massive ball was formed. The light coming from the attack seemed like it blinded Nick for minutes. But really it was just enough to keep Nick from seeing what happened.

Few seconds had passed, Nick got help from Umbreon in order to stand up. Nick patted Umbreon on the head.

"Thanks Umbreon, your the best friend a guy could ask for!" yelled Nick.

Umbreon was filled with joy. Umbreon had finally come to reason with Nick, now they could do anything they set there mind to!
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