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Default Re: Orange Islands Adventure

Chapter 3- Lets Go for the Gold!

Umbreon strutted towards the door of the Pokemon Center in Valencia Island. Umbreon had Nick on its back. Nurse Joy ran over.

"Oh my… Are you ok?" Nurse Joy came running over to Nick to see what happened.

"I just hurt my leg really badly, a Mightyhena bit it and it wont stop bleeding." Nick explained.

Joy had two Chansey’s pick Nick up and take Nick to a bed in the back of the center. Even though it was a hospital for pokemon she was still able to find bandages and such for Nick’s leg. Umbreon sat by Nick’s side in the dark room. Nick’s leg all wrapped in bandages so Nick wasn’t able to move at all so he was stuck there. Nick just hoped he wasn’t stuck there for long. Umbreon was sleeping silently.

Nick thought about how Umbreon rescued me in that horrifying situation. Umbreon seemed to really like me now. It seemed that we would be friends for a long time now.


"Hey kiddo! How’s it goin?" Nick’s mom blurted out.

"Me and my new Umbreon are doing great! I am here at the Pokemon Center and I figured I should call you." Nick told her.

"That’s great, I guess that means Eevee evolved! How great!" Mrs. Dunbar yelled.

"I guess I better get going..." Nick tried to end this quick conversation.

"Sure thing, bye sweetie" she blew a kiss.

Nick walked out the door. He was trying to figure out how he was going to get there. "HEY THERE! CAN YOU HELP ME OUT REALLY QUICK!" yelled a boy that was probably 15 or 16 years of age. He was carrying books and cases. Nick ran over to help me out by taking half of the things he was carrying.

"Whats all this stuff for?" Nick wondered.

"I am in training to become a Pokemon Professor. I am going to travel around the Orange Islands to study different kinds of pokemon. The name is Shawn by the way" he shook Nick’s hand.

"I'm Nick. Nice to meet you. Is that your boat?" Nick asked.

"Yeah, do you need a ride or something?" Shawn asked.

"Well actually I am on a journey to defeat the Orange Crew, I would love a ride if its not to much trouble" Nick hoped he would allow the free trip cause having to pay for ferries to take you island to island was a major pain.

"The Orange Crew, sure thing. I can take you to all the islands if you want. It would be great to see gym battles and such" Shawn shrugged as if it meant nothing.

"Right On! Thanks a lot" Nick jumped up in the air with excitement.

Shawn sat down the supplies he needed inside the boat. It was a small fast boat. Shawn combed his hair with his hand. His black hair just swerved by his ears, being parted right down the middle. He had on a green shirt with blue shorts and some dirty black shoes.

As soon as Nick got my package his left with Shawn to the next island. It was the only island between Valencia and the island with the 1st Gym.


Nick, Shawn, and Umbreon walked deep into the island but there seemed to be nothing there.

"I think were lost Umbreon. I thought there was some kind of civilization on this island" said Nick. They walked threw thick brush until they heard a BAAAOOOOMG! Gray smoke arose just to the left of them. They ran over to the blast. It was a big clearing with two trainers battling each other.

It was a Charmeleon v.s Skarmory. The Charmeleon releashed a huge Flamethrower. The twirling flame burned Skarmory badly. Skarmory didn’t give up though and used Hyper Beam, winning the battle. Nick kept on walking and saw lots of trainers battling each other. Nick looked over to see Shawn drawing parts of the battle.

"Hey there, wanna battle?" asked someone around.

"Um sure but first can you tell me where I'm at?" Nick asked.

"Yeah, your on an island where trainers come to battle with each other. Its called Battle Park. There is even a small safari zone where you can catch pokemon too. Now what about that battle." the kid explained.

"Right on, Go Umbreon!" Nick accepted his very first battle!

"Lets go Minun" said the kid, with the little electric pokemon jumping off from his back.

--KCash-> If you guys haven’t figured it out yet the guy Nick is about to battle is KC from my old fic called KC's Journey.
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