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Default Re: Red/Blue/Yellow Game Discussion

Originally Posted by vile plumb
I have the same problem with my Blue Version cartridge. It's worked for so long, got it when it first came out. Now, all of a sudden, you can only start a New Game, as if you had just bought it. It's pissing me off but I'm having so much fun with LeafGreen and everything else, Red and Blue seem so boring now.

Could Missingno. have anything to do with it? If you use it way too much, can it mess up the game to a point where it can just not work as it should? Lord knows I've used Missingno. millions of times on Blue over the years, I'm starting to think it's finally taken it's toll if it is possible....
Whoa, I REALLY hope that doesn't happen to me. I've encountered Missingno. a few times on my Pokémon Red cart (Not for the item glitch, just pure fascination ), and now the game starts to mess up in the middle of battles and Hall of Fame recognitions. It used to happen extremely infrequently but now crapdowns like that are fairly plentiful: I've barely touched my Red cartridge recently as a result.
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