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Default Re: Orange Islands Adventure

Chapter 3 continued...

Umbreon started with a Tackle. Minun was to fast though and jumped out of the way. Minun used a Spark attack. Umbreon got a little shivered up by that. Umbreon used Flash to make Minun go blind for a second.

We took advantage of this by Tackling Minun with all of Umbreon's might. Minun shook it off and used Agility. Minun was to fast for Minun to follow. Minun used Thunderbolt right when Umbreon least expected it.

Umbreon held in there though. Umbreon took the damage and once Minun stopped using its attack, Umbreon Body Slammed Minun. Then Umbreon got ready for its Shadow Ball. Umbreon releashed its mighty attack. The black ball with red lightening around it went flying towards Minun.

Minun used Thunderbolt. The two attack went hurling towards each other. The bounced right off each other. The attacks both failed to reach the opponent.

"Thats enough, come back Minun. Nice match but we most go now" KC said walking off with Minun following behind him.

"Great job Umbreon, looks like I need to learn a little bit more about you though. I need to learn all your attack if we are going to be a great team" Nick patted Umbreonís head.
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