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Default Re: Orange Islands Adventure

Chapter 5- The Coral Eye Badge

"Alright! Were finally here!" screamed Nick with joy.
The boat with Shadow, Shawn, and Nick arrived at Mikan Island, the island which held the first gym of the Orange Islands.

"Ok man, I gotta check out the PokeMart and some other things. I will meet you back here in half an hour" said Shawn as he left.

Nick and Shawn parted ways.

"Well there it is" Nick said looking on to the Mikan Island Gym. Nick grabbed Squirtle's pokeball.

"Good thing I caught you. From what I read in my Orange Islands Guide Book, this gym consists of water gun target contests. Whatever that means, well lets give it a shot" Nick walked up to the gym.

Nick gave the door a push. He walked inside to see a pretty woman feeding a Blastoise.

"Are you the Gym Leader" yelled Nick.

"Yeah I am, you here to challenge me?" the woman said with a very big attitude accent.

"Yep, the name is Nick" he said, as if it mattered to her.

"I'm Sissy, lets go to the battle platform" she lead the way towards Nickís first Orange Islands battle.

They walked to a battle mat. The floor opened up showing a big pool of water. The wall to the side opened. Cans were setting on a shelf on the wall.

"Pick a pokemon that can knock down those cans. And by the way, you cant miss so donít mess up" Sissy grinned.

Sissy sent out here pokemon. It was a blue pokemon called Kingdra. Water flew out of its spout. The water blasts knocked down each can directly. This was going to be harder than Nick thought.

Nick sent out his newly caught Squirtle.

"Ok Squirtle, just knock down those cans with a Water Gun. Concentrate now!" commanded Nick.

Squirtle eyed the cans. Squirtle let out a blast of water after another. The blasts went flying swiftly threw the air. They nicely knocked down each of the cans.

"Wow, your better than I thought. Next we will shoot down flying plates" Sissy kept the battles up.

The wall on the other side opened up. We could see the ocean from this view. Plates started flying. Kingdra released its nice smooth blast of water. Kingdra had knocked down all five plates that were sent threw the air.

"Alright Squirtle, you saw how fast those plates were going. Just eye them out. Once you release the first blast just keep it going ok" directed Nick.

Squirtle released the first blast. After that the Water Gun attack just kept on going four more times. Each plate was demolished.

"Thatís great work! Nice going Squirtle" Nick congratulated my pokemon.

"Thatís better than I thought. Now there will be one single plate sent into the air. Whoever blasts the plate first is the winner!" said Sissy.

Squirtle got ready. DONG! The plate was sent flying into the air. Kingdra and Squirtle sent out their Water Gun attacks. Their attacks hit each other. The plate wasnít hit by either blast.

Nick looked over to see Kingdra and Sissy ready.

"Get ready Squirtle, looks like we are going again." Nick said.

They released their attack at the plate. The plate soared threw the air. Squirtle's blast swerved right in front of Kingdra's. The plate was destroyed by Squirtle's blast. Squirtle had let its Water Gun attack go half a second before Kingdra did.

"WE DID IT!" screamed Nick.

"Here is your Coral Eye Badge" said Sissy, handing over the shell badge, not seeming to happy about it.

"The first badge to becoming an Orange Islands Champion!" Nick held the badge high above his head.
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