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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 5

Kevin walked down the main road of Violet City, the tall buildings rising up into the sky around him. Pichu squeaked excitedly. He came across a sign that read: ĎViolet City: the city of nostalgic scentsí. Kevin made his way to the Pokemon center and entered to find Storm just about to leave.

"Hey Storm!" said Kevin. "How ya goin?"

"Iím fine" said Storm. "Check this out!"

He pulled open his vest and pinned to the inside was a silver badge in the shape of a set of wings.

"Is that what I think it is?" said Kevin grinning.

"Yep!" said Storm proudly. "An official Pokemon league badge!"

"Great going Storm!" said Kevin.

"Thanks" said Storm. "Well Iíll see ya Ďround!" and he left the pokemon center.

After getting his pokemon healed and flirting with the beautiful Nurse Joy, Kevin made his way to the Pokemon gym. A few minutes later he arrived outside a tall pink and blue striped building, that spiraled up into the sky. A sign next to the door read:


Leader: Falkner

The Elegant Master of Flying Pokemon

"This must be the Gym" said Kevin. "Ready Pichu?"

Pichu squeaked happily.

They entered through the door and walked down a corridor. At the end of the hall was an elevator which they took to the roof. The elevator hummed and Kevin buzzed with nerves. The doors slid open to reveal an open sky arena. Kevin stepped out onto the roof. On the otherside of the arena stood a boy, about 16 years old, wearing a dark blue robe. His long blue hair fell across the left side of his face.

"Are you Falkner? The gym leader" called Kevin across the expanse that separated them.

"I am" he said. "I wish to be the greatest bird pokemon trainer ever! You are the son of the dragon trainer are you not?"

"Yes I am, my name is Kevin!" called Kevin. "I challenge you to a pokemon match!"

"I accept! Three pokemon each! Lets go Spearow!" and Falkner threw a pokeball onto the arena. It opened and out came a little bird pokemon with a stubby beak. Kevin flipped open his pokedex.

<Spearow><Tiny Bird>

<Donít let Spearows size fool you. This little bird has a ferocious temper and will fight to the end, even if there is no way it can win>

"OK, Iíll use my bird pokemon! Go Pidgey!" yelled Kevin throwing out Pidgeys pokeball revealing the little bird pokemon.



"Fly!!!" they yelled at the same moment. The two pokemon flew up into the air and displayed some impressive midair acrobatics. They dived, swooped, climbed, banked, pitched both attacking each other, both taking some damage.

"Spearow, now its time for a fury attack!" called Falkner. Spearow tucked in its wings and swooped at Pidgey who banked sharply to the left. Pidgey barrel rolled and extended its wings, soaring up into the air.

"Impressive!" yelled Falkner. "Spearow use Gust attack!"

Spearow began flapping its wings at high speed.

"You too Pidgey!"

Pidgey did the same. They both formed tornadoes and launched them at each other. They hit in the middle causing great blasts of wind to knock them out of the air. They both spiraled out of control and fell to the ground. It was a draw.

"Good job Pidgey, Return!" said Kevin.

"You deserve a good rest, Return" said Falkner returning his wounded pokemon.

"HootHoot Go!" yelled Falkner throwing the ball. The white light transformed into a little owl and it looked like it only had one foot. Kevin looked it up.

<HootHoot><The Owl Pokemon>

<This usually nocturnal pokemon has excellent night vision. With a curious nature, this pokemon always stands on one foot and can identify pokemon, especially ghost type, with its foresight ability>

"OK Pichu, I choose you!" yelled Kevin and Pichu leapt from his shoulder and onto the arena. Kevin was taking a gamble using a pokemon with no experience but he had confidence that Pichuís electric power would win the round.

"HootHoot, use tackle attack!" ordered Falkner and Hoothoot took flight barging into the little Pichu.

"Come on Pichu, you can do it!" encouraged Kevin. Pichu scrambled to its feet. "OK good job, use your double team!"

All of a sudden, pichu split into five and all of them began scampering around the stadium. Hoothoot, who had risen high above the stadium, didnít know which tiny mouse to attack. Falkner realized this and had an idea.

"Hoothoot, use foresight!" yelled Falkner. Hoothoot shot red transparent beams, like spotlights, from its eyes down at the pichus. Everytime the red beam fell across one of them they would disappear with a flash. Soon there was only one Pichu left, the real one.

"Ha ha! It worked!" cried Falkner. "Now dive down there and give it a take-down!"

Hoothoot dived down at the little Pichu.

"Pichu Spark!" yelled Kevin and at the last moment, Pichu erupted with electric blue energy shooting out in all directions, zapping the Hoothoot and bringing it to the ground. It struggled back to its feet. Pichu shook its head, dizzy from the attack.

"Pichu finish it with a thundershock!" called Kevin. Pichu balled its little paws into fists and it sparkled before shooting out a bolt of electricity. The attack knocked Hoothoot to the ground, out cold.

"Yeah great job Pichu!" yelled Kevin. "Return!"

Pichu sprinted up and leapt up into Kevinís arms, giggling hysterically very pleased with itself.

"Return Hoothoot!" said Falkner. "Very good! But can you handle this?" and he threw a pokeball into the middle of the arena. It sprung open revealing a tall pokemon with two heads each sporting long sharp beaks. Once again Kevin checked his pokedex.

<Doduo><Twin Bird Pokemon>

<Doduo canít fly but theyíre are so fast they donít need to. Doduo leave giant foot prints in the ground. By alternately raising and lowering its two heads, it balances itself to be more stable while it is running>

"OK its your turn, Totodile I choose you!" yelled Kevin releasing the croc from its pokeball.

"Doduo use Extremespeed!" yelled Falkner and all of a sudden Doduo disappeared. It reappeared on the other side of the arena in the blink of an eye right behind Kevinís pokemon. It kicked Totodile in the back with one of its long legs. It kept doing this, moving around so fast that Totodile couldnít keep track of it and was taken out again and again.

"Your pokemon canít take much more of this" taunted Falkner. "Better quit while your ahead!"

Then Kevin had an idea.

"Totodile blast a watergun straight down!" yelled Kevin.

Using the water gun attack, Totodile propelled itself into the air.

"What?" said Falkner disbelieving.

Totodile landed on Doduos back and used bite attack on one of its necks. The other turned and aimed a drill peck at Totodile who leapt nimbly avoiding it easily.

"Totodile use bubble attack!" yelled Kevin and Totodile blasted 5 bubbles at the doduo. Doduo however leapt aside.

"Doduo, Fury attack!" yelled Falkner. Doduo sprinted up to Totodile and began stabbing at Totodile with its sharp beaks. Totodile jumped, ducked and side stepped avoiding the attack.

"Totodile use Watergun!" ordered Kevin.

Water gushed from Totodileís mouth blasting the Doduo to the ground. It couldnít get up.

"Doduo Return" muttered Falkner.

"Yeah we did it!" yelled Kevin and ran over and gave Totodile a hug.

"Very well done!" said Falkner smiling. "Your a great trainer and I confer upon you the Zephyr Badge as proof of your victory.

Falkner walked over and gave Kevin a badge, exactly the same as Stormís.

Kevin undid his necklace and clipped the badge to it and put it back around his neck.

"Good luck on your pokemon journey!" called Falkner as Kevin left the gym. He healed his pokemon at the pokemon center and checked his Pokegear for the map. The next city was Azalea Town where he could get his second badge.

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