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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 7

As Kevin entered the cave he realized that the cave walls were lined with flickering torches, the fire light dancing across the cave floor. It looked like a huge cavern and he could here the ripples of an underground lake not far away. He followed the torchlight, Pichu on his shoulder, around the dark water and continued into a tunnel. He could hear the screeches of the bat pokemon, Zubat, echoing throughout the cave as he made his way down rough stone steps that had been carved out of the cave itself. He made his way into a smaller tunnel and it was here the torches, and therefore light, ended.
"Pichu, do you think you could do the flash technique?" asked Kevin turning to his little friend. Pichu nodded. Little sparks of energy leapt from Pichus electric pouches and then Pichu began to glow with little static bolts of electricity swirling around it, giving off enough light for Kevin to continue. With Pichu glowing on Kevinís shoulder he made his way down the tunnel. He realised that it was getting considerably warmer...

All of a sudden the cave floor collapsed and Kevin was sent tumbling down through the opening. He reached out for something to grab and his left hand found and held onto a ledge. Pichu kept falling however and Kevin quickly reached out and grabbed Pichu by the tail before it was to late. As he looked down to see if Pichu was alright he realised where he was. Twenty feet below him was a cavern filled with bright red bubbling lava and the heat was almost unbearable. He pulled Pichu up and onto the ledge and began to pull himself up when the rock he was holding onto began to crumble.

"The heat must have weakened the rock" he thought to himself panicking. "If I try to pull myself up, the rock could give way and then...." he couldnít bare the thought.

Was this it? Was he gonna burn alive in a great pool of lava? Kevin had to think of something...

"Hang on a mate, I got you!" said a deep voice and then Kevin realised he was being pulled up onto the ledge almost effortlessly by a pair of great big hairy arms. He looked up to see a great round face with little black eyes and a great big bushy beard smiling down at him as he was carefully put down away from the ledge against the cavern wall. Pichu ran over and Kevin hugged the little mouse glad it was okay.

"Gee that was a close one!" said the fat man who towered over Kevin. He was wearing hiking gear and his great big belly hung over his belt. "Lucky I was here trainig my pokemon or I wouldníthave been able to save you!"

Kevin couldnít believe his luck.

"Thankyou sir!" he said very greatfully.

"Ahh cut that sir stuff, you can call me Cliff" he said sitting down next to Kevin. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah I think so" said Kevin shaking a bit. He looked at his rescuer smiling. "My names Kevin Sun"

"Kevin Sun?"said the man surprised. "The Kevin Sun, the son of the dragon trainer?"

"Yeah thats me!" said Kevin also surprised that the man new his name.

"Wow!" said the man laughing. "I rescued Kevin Sun! Do you think I could have your autograph?"

Kevin laughed. "Iím not that special!"

"Oh but you will be!" said the man grinnig happily. " If your even half the man your father is, you will be, I know it!"

Kevin smiled. He decided he liked this man very much. He looked around at the rest of the cavern. It was enormous and roughly circular in shape. The ground they were sitting on made its way around one half of the cavern in the shape of a crescent. A tunnel led off into the darkness. The rest of the cave was filled with lava and little islands dotted the boiling mass. A shape leapt from one of the closer islands and made it way over here. It was blue and yellow and sparkling fire was flickering on its head, like a moehawk, and fire also came from its tail end aswell.

"Come here ĎBlazeí" called Cliff beckoning for his pokemon to come closer. Kevin got out his pokedex.

<Quilava><The Fire Pokemon>

<This firery pokemon is the evolved form of Cyndaquil. It is totally covered in fire proof fur so it can withstand even the hottest of flames. Be careful if this pokemon turns its back to you, it could mean that it is about to attack with the flames on its back>

"Cool" said Kevin.

"You think thats cool, watch this!" said Cliff rising to his feet. Kevin did the same."Blaze lets show Kevin here what you can do!"

And with that Blaze ran and dived into the lava dissappearing from view.

"What the-" began Kevin but then all of a sudden, the quilava leapt from the boiling lava in a shower of glowing embers and landed on one of the islands, lava dripping from its fireproof coat.

"Wow thats amazing!" cried Kevin.

"It helps his coat to be more heat resistant and builds his muscles swimming through the lava!" explained Cliff grinning.

Kevin thought he heard a noise off to his left and turned to see what it was. Lying comfortably on a boulder was a orange lizard. Fire was burning brightly from its tail as it yawned, showing its glittering teeth.

Kevin looked it up in his pokedex.

<Charmander><The Lizard Pokemon>

<This lizardlike fire pokemon loves to live in warm places and enjoys battling others of its kind. It has a flame on the tip of its tail that shows Charmanderís life force. The stronger the flame the stronger the Charmander>

"Alright, I need a fire pokemon, Go Totodile!" yelled Kevin and threw his pokemons pokeball onto the cave floor. It opened and Totodile appeared, spines gleaming.Cliff withdrew to the sidelines as the charmander rose to its feet.

"Totodile scratch attack!"ordered Kevin and Totodile moved over and lashed out at Charmander who reached up and stopped Totodile with one of its own clawed hands. It then spun around, using a tailwhip to knock Totodile off its feet. However Totodile jumped over the lizards tail. The charmander then used an Ember attack, fireing red hot embers at Kevins Pokemon hitting it in the chest knocking it backwards.

"Quick Totodile, get up and use your Watergun!" instructed Kevin and Totodile leapt to its feet and blasted an ice cold jet of water straight at the charmander knocking it down.

"Charmander, your mine!" yelled Kevin and he threw a pokeball striking charmander on the head. It opened sucked charmander inside and snapped shut. Kevin waited for it to lock...


"Totodile return!" said Kevin recalling his water pokemon and he went over and picked up the pokeball containing his new pokemon, Charmander. He clipped it to his belt.

"Well done Kevin!" said Cliff excitedly. "I donít believe it! I just saw Kevin Sun in action!"

Kevin laughed.

"Its getting a bit hot in here Cliff" he said. "Do you think you can lead me to the Azalea

Town exit?"

"Of course! Sure thing!" said Cliff and led Kevin through the tunnel. With Quilava and Pichu lighting the way, Kevin could see the light of the exit in a few minutes. Exiting the cave Kevin took a deep breath of fresh air and turned to thank Cliff for everything.

"My pleasure!" said Cliff shaking his hand. "I have a feeling we will meet again someday!"

And with a wave goodbye, Kevin continued on his way to Azalea Town.

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