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Default Re: The Tears of Love

Four Weeks Later...

A light rain slowly poured over the pokemon center in Fuchsia. Dark clouds loomed over the down, pushed south by the blustery wind coming from the ruins of Vermillion City. Lighting strikes in the distant northern sea flashed every few seconds, foreshadowing the continuing rainstorms throughout the week. Yet to some, this was a blessing.

The havoc of the war, some even called it the Great War, caused havoc in the weather. Snow fell in deserts while hurricanes rose over mountains. Even a month later, the world regions continued to feel the after-effects of the war. The disturbance of the legendaries, all of the legendaries, was not a light matter. When Team Magma awoke Kyogre, it set about a chain of events that lead to complete chaos. If it weren't for the near-complete victory of Team Trainer, the world, and all the beings within it, would have died.

After the end of the war, the death of Team Trainer's leader, Harry Kim, and the defeat of both Hank, leader of Team Magma, and Syrus Saith, leader of The Magnificent Alliance; Team Trainer took the lead in the reconstruction of the world. The remaining trainers, those that did not perish in the war, helped return the legendaries to their rightful homes. As for the orbs, the seemingly magical items that saved the world, they were scattered, separated so that their power will never be united for evil. With the balance of power restored, the weather followed, returning to their normal habits. Only small fronts, like this storm, remained as they traveled back to their original locations. Yet, even though the weather reverted to its normal state, the damage done to the cities, people, and pokemon remained...


The thunder outside boomed throughout the pokemon center, shaking Jason Field out of his reverie. Immediately he stood up, his shoulders tensed and his right hand immediately grasped on of his remaining pokeballs. Shifting his eyes around the room, his mind searched for any signs of danger. Only after noting the empty chairs and secured windows did his mental walls drop and he relaxed.

Jason stood a moderate 5'6. Bits of dirt and oil held his hair in place, his bangs brushed off to the right side of his head. His eyes held the gaze of a worn veteran, a feature that used to be that of a young, optimistic boy. Hunched shoulders dominated Jason's figure, giving others the impression he was being shorter than he actually was. His clothes: a black T-shirt over matching pants; had changed from his previous blue T-shirt and jeans he wore as a trainer. Even his brown vest, the last remaining vestige of his innocence, disappeared at the cost of Sarah, his closest friend. The war transformed him into the person he now was.

Slightly sweating, even though the room air stood cool, Jason slowly sat back down in the waiting room chair. In contrast to his active mental state a second earlier, his mind lay weary. Glancing at his black watch upon his left wrist, Jason noted that the time to be 1:29. He had been there for seven hours.

"I need sleep," Jason thought to himself. Yet, as much as his body yearned for the peace sleep would give him, Jason knew that he had an obligation, one as important to him as the war itself. He needed to be here because a month ago... A month ago, he failed.

In a hospital bed several rooms down, lay Espeon, the last of Sarah's remaining pokemon.
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