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Default Re: VPP Breeder Stats

I have more VPPs than my posts, because I lost about 6000 posts when the DCC was moved to Other:Trivia.
Name: John
Age: 19
VPPs completed: 57
Fastest VPP so far: Venomoth - 3 hours (pretty wacky vpp event with free stuff)
Longest VPP so far: Either Vaporeon or Farfetch'd - both took well over a year
Hall of Fame:
Elite, Weavel, Cloister, Face, Noxus, Megaton, Trace, Kraid, Yakuza, Ridley, Fatzo*, Flaahgra, Magmaul, Thardus, Mothula, Gyorg, Quadraxis, Vampire, Skarr, XD001, Chyyka, Slimeball, Nidoslave*, Solid Snake, Steve Irwin, Geico Gecko, Me, Salamander, Serris, Wizzrobe, Jaws, Marth, Sumo Wrestler mon*, Barinade, Spire, Admin, Will-o-Wisp, Balloon Fighter, Diamond, Pearl

Current VPP:
Second VPP Post

* - Master VPPs

Hooray for VPP parties for Aruseus.
Aruseus, proof

VPP stats are continued here.

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