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Default Re: Orange Islands Adventure

Chapter 8 continued...

Shawn looked on the tv screens stationed in the main building. Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny did the same. There were about 10 TVs that showed different parts of the island.

They watched as a boy with an Umbreon running from a Nidoking.

Nick was running his tail off. Shadow dashed ahead of Nick.

"Hey wait up Shadow. Donít leave your best friend!" Nick yelled.

Shadow didnít seem to care, especially since a 500 pound Nidoking was running on their tails. They came to an area that was blocked off by the cliffs that fell straight down for 50 feet. There was no where to run.

"Ok Shadow, we are going to have to fight this thing right on!" Nick ordered.

Shadow sucked up courage and walked up to Nidoking.

"NOW, SWIFT!" screamed Nick.

Shadow used Swift. The stars bounced off of Nidoking's big bold chest. "Shadow use Faint Attack" ordered Nick. Shadow dodged towards the big Nidoking and then disappeared and then reappeared ramming into the right side of Nidoking.

Nidoking gave out a roar. Nidoking fought back with a Mega Punch. "Shadow- Agility" commanded Nick. Shadow jumped out of the way from the dynamic mind blowing punches.

Shadow then charged up for a Shadow Ball. The black ball appeared and Shadow was ready to released its most impressive attack. Then it was interrupted by a huge kick from Nidoking. Shadow got back up and tried to head butt Nidoking but was picked up by the huge pink monster and thrown to the ground.

Shadow got back up again, not wanting to stop. Nidoking charged towards Shadow. Shadow jumped up and leaped off of Nidoking's head. Then while Nidoking was turning around to charge again, Shadow completed the divesting Shadow Ball attack. The purple and black ball went spiraling towards the pink Nidoking.

Nidoking got knocked to the ground and the ball let out a huge explosion.

"Alright, as a pokemon trainer, I will not let you get away Nidoking. You are mine, Pokeball go!" Nick yelled releasing the pokeball, the ball hit Nidoking right on. The pokeball rolled side to side.. side to side..


"Hereís mine" Nick said to the judge, Nurse Joy. Nick let out his pokemon, Nidoking.

Nidoking came out and turned around to punch Nick right in the face. Nick instantly returned the pokemon.

Nurse Joy wrote down some stuff about Nidoking and Nick on a clipboard. Shawn walked over to Nick.

"Ok buddy?" Shawn acted as if he was concerned.

"Maybe it wasnít such a great idea to catch Nidoking" Nick laughed.

Nick took the pokeball that held Nidoking in it and put it in his bag.

"What are you doing, shouldnít you be putting that on your belt?" Shawn yelled.

"Um well I donít wanna take the chance of grabbing that pokeball again. It would be better to send Nidoking to Prof. Ivy to hang on for me" Nick explained, scared of Nidoking.


"Well I hope everyone enjoyed coming on this once in a lifetime opportunity trip to catch these rare pink pokemons. Now I know yaíll are ready to see who the winners are so here we go.. 3rd place goes to Elizabeth on capturing a Raichu. 2nd place goes to... Nick on capturing a Nidoking" Joy announced.

Nick went up on stage to accept a ribbon that said 2nd on it and $50 in cash.

"And 1st place goes to Jason who captured a Venusaur!" Joy announced.

Nick looked at Jason walking up on stage.

"What?!" Nick blurted out.

After Jason accepted his prize, which was a Kings Rock, Jason walked over to Nick.

"Nice to see you again dork, so how many pokemon have you caught?" Jason smirked.

Nick counted his pokemon.. Squirtle.. Nidoking...Cyndaquil... Shadow..

"Four!" Nick said with pride.

" Four? Four? HA! I have gotten 2 badges and caught 18 different kinds of pokemon. I even caught an awesome Venusaur during this contest with the help of my first captured pokemon who could probably whip all of your four pokemons at once, and this one... look at this Houndoom!" Jason laughed. Nickís pride was shot down.

Jason showed off his awesome looking Houndoom. Nick had to admit that his Houndoom seemed to be really healthy and taken care of really well.

They walked off, proud of making Nick look like a fool.

"Lets get going! I have to catch up to them!" Nick said, ready to go.

They raced off to the boat on the shore of Pinkan Island. Officer Jenny helped them fix it up and they were on there way to the next island to get the Sea Ruby Badge!
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