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Default Re: Orange Islands Adventure

Chapter 10- Sea Ruby Maneuvers

"What are you doing?" Nick asked while driving the boat. Shawn was mixing weird liquids together.

"I am making an attack called Ice Beam. Itís a TM. Really I'm experimenting with it, when I'm done why donít we give it to one of your pokemon." Shawn decided.

"Sounds cool, why not... hey look!" Nick pointed to the small island ahead.

A small island with a huge mountain was straight in front of Nick, Shawn, and Shadow as they traveled to get the second Orange Islands badge.

As they arrived on the island, Nick and Shadow ran at full blast to the gym. There didnít seem to be any houses or any sign of humans at all on the island. Finally Shawn spotted a little house or building right in front of the big mountain.

BANG! BANG! BANG! Nick knocked on the door as hard as he could.

"Hello! Is this the Pokemon Gym of Navel Island?" asked Nick.

No one answered the door.

"Hey there! Looking for a gym battle?" a man said behind the group.

"Yeah, who are you?" asked Nick.

The man wore a yellow button up shirt with blue shorts. Looked like a person who hung out by the beach a lot.

"I'm Danny, the owner of this gym" he said like he was Mr. Big Stuff.

"I'm Nick from Valencia and I wish to challenge you" Nick ordered.

"Very well, a good battle sounds good right now but its not that easy, you see that mountain.. you have to climb it without using any pokemon. If you get to the top then you can have your gym battle" Danny explained, seeing if Nick had the guts to take his challenge.

Nick looked up at the big mountain that swarmed over the island. Nick nodded and got ready. Shadow and Shawn were able to take a little cable car up the mountain.

Nick took off his backpack and his shirt, revealing just his dark gray undershirt. Then he started to climb. The mountain was very tall. Rocks crumbled beneath Nick's feet. Nick almost fell 50 feet out of the air. Danny was climbing the mountain like their was an elevator or somethin. Nick fell way behind Danny but Nick figured he should take it easy instead of risking the chance of falling. Shawn and Shadow passed them in the cable car. Shadow cheered on Nick which only made Nick made that they could get up so easy.

Once they got about 1/3 up the mountain, there was a path you took. Nick walked up the extremely steep path way. The higher they got the colder it was. Once they finally reached the top, snow covered the ground and Nick was shivering like crazy!

"Well you made it to the top! That means your worthy of a gym battle" Danny confirmed.

"Great, lets go!" Nick said shivering yet ready to go.

Danny led Nick over to a big water gazer. Two big water strands shot straight out of the ground.

"Ok, you have to win 2 out of 3 competitions. First you have to freeze the water coming out of the ground here" Danny started to explain the rules.

"Freeze? Sounds easy enough" Nick tried to have confidence.

Danny sent out his Nidoqueen. Nick reached for his pokeball...

"Oh no! I donít have a pokemon that knows an ice attack" Nick exclaimed.

"Here give this to your Squirtle!" said Shawn, handing Nick a small capsule.

Squirtle came out of his pokeball and took the capsule. In no time Squirtle was ready for battle. It was that Ice Beam attack that Shawn had made earlier.

"Ok then, as soon as the water comes out.. the battle begins!" Danny said.

Nick and Squirtle got ready.. Danny and Nidoqueen got ready. "SWWOOOOSH"! sounded the roaring water coming straight out of the ground. Nidoqueen started right away. Squirtle started late because of Nick's commands.

Nidoqueen used Ice Beam as well as Squirtle. Nidoqueen was half way done. Squirtle got at the 1/4 spot. The Ice Beam's froze the roaring water. Squirtle fired it up a little bit. Squirtle's Ice Beam started to gain on Nidoqueen's. Squirtle almost caught up. The water was 3/4 covered by each pokemon. Squirtle just had to keep it up and it would win. WHAT WOULD HAPPEN!

"Speed it up some Nidoqueen!" Danny calmly said.

Nidoqueen let out a even more powerful Ice Beam and was able to cover the whole thing. The water was now in a nice frozen ice block. Squirtle finished his about 5 seconds after Nidoqueen finished.

"To bad.. well there is still two more competitions that you must win. All you have to do is win both and you got the badge" Danny said, thinking this battle was over now.

Nick clinched his fist, angered about losing but realizing that Squirtle had never gotten practice with that move so it wasnít its fault. Nick blamed his self for not being ready. Shawn and Shadow watched on as the ice blocks they made were cut down by Danny's Scyther.

"Ok, next you have to pick three pokemons to make a sled out of this ice block you and your Squirtle made" Danny explained the second round rules.

Danny had his Scyther, Nidoqueen, and Machoke. Nick had Squirtle, Cyndaquil, and Nidoking. The battle had begun!

Squirtle clawed away to make a nice front of the sled. Cyndaquil fired up its flame on its back. Then it let out a small, nice even Flamethrower to make the inside of the sled. Nick's pink Nidoking rammed his fists against his chest and then punched Nick right in the face. Nick, on the ground, called back Nidoking.

"That was a huge mistake" Nick complained, holding his face...
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