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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 30
A Fiery End

I had looked at the consoles, and then at the rockets, and couldn’t think of what to do. Normally, we could set an explosive charge for ten minutes and get the heck out of there, but we couldn’t get anywhere near the rockets…

“Well, what do we do?” Randy asked, looking around, “The rocket is like two hundred feet away from the window. Even if we break it…”
“There’s only one way we can get rid of them now.” Rackal told the three of us, “We need to launch them so they crash right into the silo door. Once they hit the door, everything here will be destroyed. Problem is, the longest amount of time that the launch can be set for is five minutes.”

Vice had looked away for a moment. He seemed pretty tense about something.

“You know, five minutes isn’t a whole lot of time for us to rush out of here.” Vice complained, “Once that countdown starts, we’d better run like hell if we hope to get away from that explosion. Keep in mind those silo doors aren’t going to hold in that explosion very well…”
“We will make it out it time.” Rackal told us, “Once we reach the surface, we run as far as we can from the two silo doors. That’s all.”
“Okay, but I hope you know what you’re doing…” Vice told him, rolling his eyes.

Rackal had made his way over to the console, and began pressing a series of buttons. I had never seen a system like this in my life, so I had no clue how to use it…

“Manual system override…” Rackal said to himself as he hacked away at the buttons, “Launch protocol… System data backup entry…”

And then, some red lights turned on all around us. Along with them came on a female electronic voice:


“Come on!” Rackal shouted, turning around, “It’s set to go! We have to get out of here!”

We immediately turned around and ran out of the control room. I was leading with Vice right besides me, with Randy behind us and Rackal in the back. We ran furiously down the hallway when suddenly we had heard an alarm go off, and more flashing red lights turned on around the concrete hallway.


We had seen the two open steel doors in front of us, and quickly Vice and I had passed through them with Randy directly behind us. The three of us had made it through, but then as we turned around and saw Rackal just feet away from the door, the two metal doors slammed shut, trapping Rackal inside.

“Oh shoot.” Vice said bitterly, “Oh man, those things aren’t going to open…”

I headed over to the black button and pressed it furiously, but it wasn’t opening the doors.


“How do we get this thing open!?” Randy shouted, pounding at the metal doors.
“That’s the problem…” Vice told us anxiously, “It was a backup security measure. Rackal is a goner…”
“No, this cannot be happening!” I shouted as I pounded the black button harder and harder.
“Come on!” Vice shouted to the two of us, “If we stay here any longer we’re going to fry in here as well. We don’t have any more time!!”

I couldn’t help but leave Rackal behind. We turned around and followed Vice down the concrete hallways. I couldn’t believe I had lost another member of my team. We had made it to the elevator, and pressed the call button. Immediately, the doors opened, we dashed inside, and pressed the button. The doors shut tightly and the elevator began to climb upward, the last travel it would ever make…


We had made it to the top floor, and we furiously headed for the metal door. Once we were outside, we ran as far away from that silo as we could, since the whole thing was about to explode. As we kept on running, I had seen that the Crimson Stars were unable to douse the fire that was quickly consuming the warehouses one by one. But meanwhile, we were running in an open field, completely without cover. But that wasn’t what was bothering me…

Suddenly, moments later, the ground shook like a massive earthquake had taken place. I had turned around and saw the two silo doors blast off with a massive gush of fire and flames following it. One of the metal doors had slammed into an already burning warehouse, just to assist in its destruction. I felt so sick at that moment…

I’m sorry, Rackal…

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