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Default Ways of Catching Pokemon and Battle Tips: The Guide

So your Stuck on Catching a Pokemon and Need help. Well Here's the Guide on which you can Catch them Easy by me, A B Xtreme. These are gonna be some Tips on How to Catch them Critters.

Tip 1} Use a Effect : Sleep Effects Well on these matters. the Pokemon's Catching Rate Will Rise if you use Sleep Powders. Careful when you use Poison Effects. When that pokemon reaches low health then that's your time to risk it.

Tip 2} Choose your Attacks Wisely. Try and Find a Suitable Attack by Facing it A Couple of Times { For Legends, reset and Try Again } this would see which attacks can do the Damage which Suits your Needs for a Couple of Times.

Tip 3} Weakness Sloves Something. If your Using a Pokemon with that catching Pokemons Weakness, Make it Weaker then the Catching Pokemon and Try Tip 2. Eg if your Against a Level 70 Kyogre, have a Raichu about Level 63 - 65. If you do that it give you a Better Chance.

Tip 4} Plan a Strategy. If your Against Pokemon who's Level is Over 80 { Yes, Red's Pikachu of Course } Plan a Strategy and Try it out { If your Lower then Level 80 then try it, Over 80 Just Destroy them}

Tip 5} Train Train Train!. Of Course you have to do this, it's the way of Pokemon. Always use the Elite 4 as your Victims. Thus would give your Weaker Pokemon to More Levels and Evolving.

Tip 6} Read the Pokemon's Moves. Just Like Tip 4 but an extra plus. Since Pokemon can use 4 Moves in the Game, Look through the Moves and Find Weaknesses to Stop it doing much Damage. Always Check with the 2 Typer's { Eg. Swampert, Quagsire, Poliswine and Even Pikachu due to Surf }

I'll Give More Tip's Along the Way. Any Problem's PM Me and Good Luck on Catching those Pokemon

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