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Default Re: The Tears of Love

Jason looked up to the single lit sign above the double doors leading to the surgical rooms. The standard white needle marked the plastic, indicating to all that this lead to a room of medicine in care. However, the simple design failed to represent the true nature of the pokemon center. The entire place was filled with complex machinery and technology that boggled all but the trained professionals of medicine. Even Chansey, the nurse pokemon, did not know all the functions and uses of every single piece of equipment. Only the several doctors and nurses around the world could perform the delicate medicine needed in ever center. Only they could save the lives of humans and pokemon in dire situations.

And this was a dire situation for Espeon.

Over the course of the war, lives were lost. Trainers lost pokemon. Pokemon lost trainers. Jason lost two of his pokemon: Midreavous and Vibrava. Sadly enough, he was one of the lucky ones.

Many trainers with 6 pokemon, some with more some with less, lost at least 3 or 4 pokemon. Even with this average, many trainers lost all of their pokemon. And many pokemon lost their trainers, like Espeon. She was the last one living when Sarah died, but even then, Espeon's wounds were extensive. Broken bones, internal bleeding, and mental fatigue plagued her body until she too could no longer battle like her trainer. Jason managed to save her before the enemy finished her off. And now, after so many weeks, she still remained in critical care. The doctors in the field stabilized her, but her life remained in danger without proper treatment from a pokemon center. With several of them destroyed, many more filled with other injured pokemon, Jason finally managed to find care for Espeon in Fuchsia. And now, he could only wait.
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