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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 32
The Dark Halls

We had approached the front gate, making it look like we were two guards and Randy was our prisoner. By the gate, there was a Bagon and a Golduck both armed with Vulcan rifles, just glaring at Randy. We had approached them, and we tried as much as possible to act like guards.

“We found this little delinquent over by the fence.” Vice said, looking especially at the Bagon, “We killed two of his companions as well.”
“Heh, really?” The Bagon asked in a gruff tone, “Do you think they were part of the five that had set the whole base on full alert?”
“Storm Riders.” I told the Bagon, “That’s who they were.”
“Heh, good.” The Bagon replied, showing a slight grin on his face, “Don’t think we’ll be seeing any more trouble tonight.”

He then tossed me a single key, and I caught it with my free hand, the one that wasn’t holding the Vulcan rifle. I looked it over and then looked up at the Bagon.

“Cell 385 on the third floor should make sure the little squirt doesn’t get out.” The Bagon snickered.
“Got it.” I responded to the Bagon.
“Now go on and get out of here.” The Bagon ordered us.

We then continued walking along the long, cobbled stone path toward the double, brown metal doors. Once I had grabbed the metal handle, it was cold to the touch. I pulled it open, and we peered inside.

When we looked in, we saw the floors, the ceiling, and the walls were made up of crude, dirty metal. Rust was everywhere in patches. I heard a faint clanking and wailing sound in the distance, but another than that, the rooms were dead silent and very dark.

We had walked down the metal hallways, and as I looked into each of the cells, I saw various Silver Rebellion soldiers lying weak and tormented on their rickety, metal beds. Each one of them appeared to be overworked and highly mistreated. I couldn’t help but think Alex was going to appear to be the same way.

When we had reached the end of the hallway, we came across more hallways left and right as well as an elevator and a door leading to a flight of stairs leading upward.

“I’d feel much safer with the stairs.” I told Vice, looking at the rusty doors of the elevator.
“I’ll second that.” Vice responded, heading over to the door.

We then opened the creaky metal doors and headed up the flight of metal stairs, which looked even worse than the dirty floor. Plus it didn’t have any handrails, so anyone who wasn’t careful could go tumbling down to the first floor.

We climbed our way to the third floor, but I had looked up and realized there were at least three more floors above us. How were we supposed to release everyone here without anyone knowing?

As we opened the metal door to the third floor, we came across another hallway to our right and a solitary window to our left, with a metal grate over it. A flicking light above us had lit the hallways with a flashing glow.

As we passed each cell, I saw there was a tiny metal plaque by the door handle. We had come across another intersection of hallways, and I didn’t know what direction to take. Suddenly, we had seen another guard, another Bagon had been patrolling around on the third floor.

“And who the hell are you three?” The Bagon asked, looking at the three of us with a stare.
“Your worst nightmare.” I told him, aiming my Vulcan rifle right at him.
“What the…?” He asked, backing away.

I then pulled the trigger, and the Vulcan rifle fired and shook furiously as it blasted fire at the Bagon. In only a few seconds time, he had collapsed, dropping everything and soon was lying in a puddle of his own blood…

“You want to get us caught already!?” Vice exclaimed after the gunfire ceased, “What do you think you’re doing!?”
“Look,” I told him, “I think it’s best if we work our way from the top of the building and make our way down, releasing everyone we can. Once we reach the lowest level and have released everyone, we defend the jail at all costs, until we can get some help.”
“Just how do you plan on doing that?” Vice asked, looking at me with doubt.
“Somehow, we need to call the Silver Rebellion for help.” I told Vice seriously, “Because there is no way anyone is getting out of here by running on foot…”

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