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ChronoPika's Fan Fic Archives


Pokemon MEDevil: Vascud's Crisis
Genre: War, Fighting, Puzzles
Status: Alot of people are reading it. Progressing well.
Summary: Krest the Charmander, one of the only Charmander families in the Smed Kingdom, is going to enlist in the Military. He gets very good friends along the way, Kekui(Keh-kue-ee) and Rett. Krest, Kekui, and Rett will face many challenges fighting the Tyrikun and Rantiol Kingdom.
Rating: PG to PG-13. Severe fighting.
Personal Rating: I give PM: Vascud's Crisis a 9/10. I personally loved it myself until I started to have more and more things and activites to do in the site. I kept thinking of it and stuff before. Not before long, I forgot to write about it daily. I still love it and cherish it. I will also continue Pokemon MEDevil: Vascud's Crisis.

Mawile to the Life
Genre: Romance, Real Life, Pokemon-style life
Status: I see it's being read quite alot. It's also my current project.
Summary: In this Pokemon-only world, Kuyuki While has moved to a new City with her parents. She gains many friends once she got there. But one night, she was struct by what seems an assassin. Then she fell in love with a gifted Absol, Kiol Shimeru. The fun then begins there.
Rating: Romance-lovers. Romance-readers.
Personal Rating: I rate my Fan Fic, Mawile to the Life, a 7/10 for people who like violence and a 10/10(if that is allowed) for romance lovers, readers, and all the alike. I like romance stories starting small when I was a little kid. I never was romantic, but more of a romance liker. Read it sometime.

Palo: War Elevated
Genre: War, Reality, Pokemon, Originality(of CP)
Status: It seems to have caught the eyes of people that favor these kind of stuff.
Summary: In the year 2700, Pokemon technology has farly excellerated beyond beliefs in the past. The Pokemon wish to colonize another huge planet able to support life for millions of years as we know it. The planet, Ankh, was although normal and very very stable and it was out of the question as culprit of killing a scout troop. Then the Strife, a band of other Pokemon races and mainly different Deoxys had set a war against the Pokemon.
Rating: PG-13 or M. Basic blood and gore.
Personal Rating: Let me see. Even though the Fan Fic is quite unappropriate to some people, it has great action scenes and also has scientific ways of saying things. Anatomy, Biology, and Life itself. If you don't care about useless soldier death, then read it sometime. 9/10

Authors note: Also if you don't know, Mawile to the Life and Pokemon MEDevil: Vascud's Crisis are connected in a way. How? Mawile to the Life is basically our current time and the future of Pokemon MEDevil: Vascud's Crisis.

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