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Default Re: NB's Reffing Log

RayquanzaFan vs Volvagia Master
1 vs 1
No Items
Random Terrain

RF sent out Poliwhirl and VM sent out Pichu. Pichu used Thundershock and Poliwhirl used Hypnosis, but it missed. VM tried Thunder Wave and Poliwhirl attempted Hypnosis again, but it still missed. Another Hypnosis finally got Pichu and was folowed by a Hydro Pump. Another Hydro Pump got rid of Pichu.

RayquanzaFan wins- $1000
Volvagia Master loses- $500

I should get $500 for reffing.
~Credit for Avi goes to Einlee x3

Originally Posted by We the Pichus...
I desperately need a sprite of a Snorlax wearing Lederhosen... don't ask any questions and I want show everybody else that picture... understood
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