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Default Re: Story Archive

Hey all ^^. Some of these have been on hiatus for a while, but I plan on updating them soon.


Long Road Home
Summary: Six young Pokemon get swept out to an island in the middle of nowhere with no way of getting home but their own inginuity...
Genre: Adventure/Action
Rating: T (violence)
Personal rating: 8/10 I really like this and think it's one of my best, but it does need a bit of work. I've been told it's very good so far though.
Status: Hiatus (Soon to be back in progress)

Doom's Origin
Summary: A sisterfic of Long Road Home, detailing the traumatic event that made the Houndoom known as Doom go mad.
Genre: One-Shot
Rating: Older T (Violence, gore, slight language)
Personal rating: 8/10 There needs to be some editing done, but all in all I think it's pretty good. It hits you where it counts, and there's a vicious (yet short) battle that ends in tragedy.
Status: Complete

Lost Innocence
Summary: A young Vulpix is abandoned after her Trainer dies from luekimia.
Genre: Sad one-shot
Rating: PG-13
Personal Rating: 9/10 This is one of my favorite fanfics, even though it's so sad. It's rather short, but that works to it's advantage.
Status: Complete

Overlapping Realities
Summary: When strange creatures with stranger powers begin appearing around the Great Britian, only one Vampire and a young Trainer can stop the chaos.
Genre: Crossover, Action, Adventure
Rating: Older T (Violence, language)
Personal rating: 6/10 Meh, it's okay, but I guess Hellsing and Pokemon don't mix well. Maybe I'll try it again, but this one is just...pfffft.
Status: Permemant hiatus

Legend of the Gods
Summary: A legend about the Legendary Pokemon Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza.
Genre: One-Shot
Rating: E
Personal rating: 7/10 My first fanfic posted on this site. It's good but short.
Status: Complete

False Appearances
Summary: After a shapeshifting young woman joins the crew, Luffy and the others must help her on her journey to discover her true destiny.
Genre: Action, Adventure
Rating: T
Personal rating: 10/10 One of my favorites. It's got long chapters, nice description, and most of all, it's based on One Piece! ^^ It's also the only of my fics I feel deserves a perfect rating.
Status: Hiatus (soon to be back in progress)

Summary: Plushies cause chaos and madness to the crew of the Going Merry.
Genre: Humor
Rating: PG-13
Personal rating: 9/10 Funny, but only one chapter so far :_;. I'm probably going to get back to doing this one eventually.
Status: Hiatus (progress pending)

Between Women
Summary: After taking a break from the males, Integra and Kagome bump into each other at a bar and Integra gets a present for Alucard.
Genre: Humor, crossover
Rating: PG-13
Personal rating: 9/10 Funny, and one of my best crossover fics. I usually don't do Inuyasha, but somehow, Hellsing and Inu seem to mix well.
Status: Complete

Keepers of the Legends
Summary: A young Pokemon Trainer must team up with two members of the Going Merry to stop the destruction of all realities.
Genre: Horror, Action, Crossover
Rating: 17 and up, because there'll be cursing and heavy violence in later chapters
Personal Rating: I just started this fic today (July the 7th, '06), so I can't give an honest personal rating. However, I have a feeling this is going to be a fic I enjoy working on quite a bit and will be proud of once it's finished.
Status: Work-in-progress

Out of the Shadows
Summary: Humans are all but extinct, and Pokemon have once again become the dominant species. But with power comes corruption and greed...
Genre: Action, Adventure
Rating: 13 and up, since there'll be violence and possibly light cursing
Personal Rating: Heh, I dunno how I feel about this one yet, to be honest.
Status: Work-in-progress

A Dream Unto Her
Summary: An Absol grieves over the loss of a loved one
Genre: Songfic, Angst
Rating: PG
Personal Rating: Heh, I really do like this. It's short, it's sad yet sweet at the same time, and it's based on one of my favorite songs. The ending turns out happy, and I feel it's one of my better one-shots. 8/10
Status: Complete

URPG Stories

Between the Lines
Summary: A young Trainer is on the tail of a Scyther and is determined to catch him
Genre: Trainer fic, URPG
Rating: PG
Personal Rating: I like this fic, it's a good solid story and it's short. It's my first URPG story, and I'm quite proud of it. 9/10
Status: Complete

Left To One's Own
Summary: A Horsea is abandoned by a young girl at the Lake of Rage
Genre: Action, Angst (Slightly), URPG
Rating: PG
Personal Rating: Meh, it's okay, but not one of my best. Nice description. You'll notice the original title is still in the fic, and I'm too lazy to take it out lol. 7/10
Status: Complete

The Uber-ific Tale of the Gastly Thingy

Summary: A Gastly must find a way to be scary, but instead ends up running into unusual circumstances...
Genre: Comedy, URPG
Rating: PG
Personal Rating: Heh, I love this fic. It was a blast to write and probably one of the best funny things I've done. Kinda short, but hey, it's not the quantity but the quality, right? 9/10
Status: Complete

Flight Against Fire
Summary: A young Houndour must come to grips with her Fire type after a traumatic event takes her family from her.
Genre: Action, URPG
Rating: PG-13
Personal Rating: I love this, I feel it's one of my better works. 9/10
Status: Complete
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