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Default Re: Anime/Manga Review

Manga: I's
Read: All 15 Volumes (end)
ESRP rating: Adults (18+)
Genre: Romantic Comedy

I's. No comment.

Quality of the drawings

Aside from the front covers (which looks realistic rather than anime), 2 words: Wow. I mean 1 word. Really, even the fan service in this manga is drawn nicely, although the fan servicing can get quite annoying at times.



It's about Seto, who falls in love with this girl in the drama club named Iori. The problem is, he cannot confess to her because of his situation...hegot rejected too many times in the past. Throw in obstacles and such and you've got the plot.

*Spoiler part (yeah, spoilers!!!!!!):
Well after a few more volumes, Itsuki (childhood friend of Seto), appears and he starts to like her too. Anyway, it always seemed that one obstacle that he always faces is another girl, let it be Itsuki in the beginning, Izumi in the middle, or the last girl at the end. Either way, the predictable ending was nice there, even though the author revealed a little too much on some things...



I know for certain that all of the characters are DYNAMIC!!!! Minor characters are not, but they only basically fill roles of characters that left. Even those characters have some dynamic elements to them.

*Spoilers:The last girl, I'd like to know where she was...



Generic romantic comedy. Either way, this one's just as generic as all the others. I feel more attached to this one tho. Personal experience or something.



Me, yeah. If you want fan service, you'll like it. If you want fan service at the end, you'll be disappointed. You want the ending that you predicted from the beginning? You got it. The twists in the plot made me like it even more.


46/50 or 9.2

I think the score relfects it all. Get it. Really. I mean, if you're a hopeless romantic like me, go get it. If you like fan servicing, go get it. If you're the action guy, you'll probably hate it. Either way, I recommend it. (personal connections???)

- Ken, hopeless romantic

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