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Default Re: Taking Your Writing to the Next Level

Final Considerations

In closing, I definitely want to say that listening to the feedback of your readers is important. While you have already imagined the scenes before in your mind and have written them down, the reader is only seeing it for the first time, and the experience is completely new to them. The ability to post your own written story on a forum is an excellent way to get other readers to give your writing a performance appraisal, which can dramatically help your writing. And, if you’re having difficulty getting other people to read your story and evaluate it, try reading the work of other authors and give them your evaluation. Many authors will likely return the favor if they see you’ve written a story as well. Not only can this help you find others to evaluate your work, but it also lets you see how other authors write their own stories with their own different styles.

Lastly, keep on writing and keep the passion to improve. If you don’t enjoy what you write, it’s going to show and your readers aren’t going to enjoy it either. If you do come across a situation where you find you need to stop the story for some reason or another, then do it, but then try to discover the reason why it happened, and how you can avoid it from taking place in the future.

Finally, I’d like to thank you for taking the time out the read this guide, and I hope it has satisfied your passion to improve your writing in many ways. Like in all trades, if you keep that passion and you don’t back down no matter what tries to stop you, then you’ll be able to accomplish much of what you previously thought was impossible for you to reach. In all, good luck, and I hope you were able to take away something beneficial from this guide.

~Neo Pikachu

Please respect the original work, concentration and dedication that went into the creation of this guide, and not copy, duplicate, or edit it and claim it as your own work. If you want to use any piece of this guide, please seek my permission first.

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