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Default Re: American Presidential Election 2004

Originally Posted by Crimson Spider
2% isn't much of a difference due to the electorial college, nor much of a difference in most ways.

Propoganda circles around, Alakazam. The most scary thing is that even the more educated people will believe some of the most extravegantly unrealistic stories based on mere conspiracy. Stuff far worse than the sudden 10-year deficite that he is being blamed for.
I wouldn't call 51% majority (though it is a slight majority, mathematically) point was that it has dropped from almost 80% to less than half. While 2% isn't much, 32% is.

And, meh...I know what you mean; I try not to listen to the fools who don't like Bush.

*defines 'fools who hate Bush' as those who bash Bush without knowing what they're talking about*

I have many valid reasons for why I don't approve of him, CS. I am confident in their validity.
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i wish all of you americans would get out of my country.
Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.