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Default Re: Pokemon: Jirachi Wish Maker Official Website With Movie Trailer!

Originally Posted by CuteMew
Cool! I love that site! I even put it on my favorites!

Oh yeah, what I don't understand is, how come in only the first 3 movies the legendary Pokemon talked, but in 4 and 5 they didn't, now in the 6th Jirachi talks? I don't get it. Next thing you know, Deoxys won't talk, nor Rayquaza! Nor any of the Pokemon after the 7th movie! (if there is a possibility of one)
That's what I thought at first...But then it hit me! Jirachi uses telepathy! How else could it talk? Just think of it like Mewtwo. He spoke through being psychic...Jirachi's part psychic so obviously has a way of communicating...And it's way of communication is through telepathy!
Boy...I'm sure not a know it all...
I only know a few things about other movies and stuff but Pokemon I'm really happy and understanding about. I have a brother that's not to hot on Pokemon though. I have two brothers, my oldest brother Jeikobu (On this forum!) loves Pokemon and he and I talk about them a lot but my other brother that hasn't registered here isn't much of a fan...You might say he's never pumped to be a Pokemon fan. His heart lies on Marvel...Oh well his loss, aye? I thought Pokemon six: Jirachi Wishmaker was so excellent! At the end, even though I was in my own home, I clapped like I would be doing in theaters. I think it kinda stinks they sent Pokemon six right to DVD and video. I guess it's just one of those OAV's...But I think Jirachi was so adorable! I loved the movie and I give it five out of five stars!
Did anyone watch the special features? I loved em!
Well this message is getting rather long so I should cut it off...But that'll probably be my top wish on my wishlist (B-Day list).
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Akogare no Pokemon masutaa ni!
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