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Default Hidden Truths- Part I

Upon opening my eyes, I once again saw the windows of the Temple in front of me. Yawning, I laid back, content to lie down after last night’s events. I had got a Pokémon. A Salamence. It was a powerful foe, and hopefully an even more powerful friend.

“Hey! Are you awake?” Melody called from the next room.

I yawned again, stretching my arms and getting up out of my small bed.

“Yeah, I am… now…” I smirked.

“Anyway, you need to get up early, and get ready!” she called.

“Again?” I groaned, collapsing back on my bed again.

I heard Melody laugh as I stared up at the ceiling. I couldn’t maintain this…

“Don’t worry, this should be the last time.” Melody laughed, walking off.

Shrugging, I went to reach for my clothes- but, in their place was a uniform, similar to the ones Logan and Melody wore. They were coloured black and red. Emblazoned on the clothes was a fiery fang, in an orange colour.

“Wow.” I said, awed by the uniform.

I quickly shut the curtain blocking my room off from the larger room, and began to get dressed.


I walked out into the courtyard- it was empty. Bright sunlight cast shadows onto the ground, and various Pokémon soared ahead, carefree. The rocky pillars were draped with curtains, each depicting a legendary creature.

“Rayquaza, the Sky High Dragon Pokémon. This legendary Pokémon calmed the fighting spirits of Groudon and Kyogre after their titanic fight.” I read.

Wow… I looked at the curtain, seeing a green dragon with many mysterious markings and colours. From what I had heard, this legend was quite famous, even with those not interested in Pokémon.

“Latias, the Female Eon Dragon Pokémon. She plays an important part in protecting the distant country of Altomare along with her brother, Latios.” I said, looking at the curtains further.

I looked at the picture, and I saw a white dragon with red patches and also some other markings. With majestic blue wings and large, shiny eyes, it looked innocent; yet, at the same time, powerful. Side-stepping, I looked at the final Pokémon.

“Latios, the Male Eon Dragon Pokémon. This powerful Pokémon is also a protector of Altomare, and is assisted by his sister, Latias.” I read, glancing back over at the Latias curtain.

Looking back at the Latios curtain, I could see the resemblance. Wow… all that was different was the pose, eyes, colours and markings. Otherwise, it looked a lot like Latias. I began to walk back to my room, wondering what to do next.

“Hey! Where do you think you’re going?” a voice yelled out from behind me, and I turned around.

Standing near me was a man dressed in similar uniform to mine- no, the exact same uniform as mine! He must have been a member of the Temple!

“Where do you think you’re going?” he repeated.

“I’m going to my room,” I replied warily, continuing to walk.

“No! You listen to your elders when they talk to you!” he snapped.

I glared at the crazy man- his face was now a mixture of shock and intense anger. He looked no older than fifteen years old. Who did this man think she was talking to?!?

“Who are you?” I inquired.

“Mind your own business!” he hissed, running a hand through his short dark hair.

Ignoring him, I decided to continue walking anyway, but she stepped in front of me.

“If you want to get through me, you have to battle me.” he scowled.

“Fine with me!” I retorted.

“Let’s go, Kingdra!” he roared, throwing an Ultra Ball in front of me.

The ball landed with a clatter, and, in a red snaking light, Kingdra appeared, a 1.8 metre long Pokémon readying itself for battle.

“Where’s your Pokémon, twerp?” he snorted, laughing.

“Salamence!” I merely shouted.

The man did not speak, but a sneer formed on his lips that reminded me oddly of Logan.

“Salamence!” my Pokémon roared, from somewhere above.

Flapping its orange, majestic wings, Salamence soared into the building I was in, circling above while spouting flames from its mouth. He then slowly set himself down, roaring at the opponent. Luckily, Kingdra seemed to falter a bit, uncertain of what it was battling against.

“Kingdra, use Dragon Dance!” the man roared.

“Okay, Salamence, finish it off quickly with Dragon Claw!” I shouted.

Kingdra began to move around, signalling the start of a Dragon Dance attack. Twisting and turning, its attack power rose.

“Now, attack!” I yelled.

While Kingdra had been using Dragon Dance, Salamence had soared into the air, flames gathering. Upon my command, it soared downwards, swiping angrily with its claws. The deep cut made an imprint on Kingdra’s skin, and the large seahorse reeled backwards, screeching in pain. Almost grinning, Salamence flew away from the Kingdra, hovering in front of me. We were winning!

“Dragon Dance again!” my opponent bellowed.

“Just keep attacking!” I ordered. “Don’t let Kingdra unleash an attack!”

I knew that an attack after too many Dragon Dances would be fatal, so Kingdra needed to be finished off, and quickly. Salamence once again flew towards Kingdra, who began to perform a mystical dance. As Kingdra did this, it felt extra strength pump through its veins. Kingdra also began to relax, willing the tension of the battle to escape him. He let out a battle cry. Now, the Pokémon was far more powerful.

“Attack now!” I shouted desperately.

Salamence reached forwards, eyes filled with anger. Flames surrounded his body, but he felt neither pain nor pleasure- but an overwhelming desire to finish off his opponent. Swinging his lethal claws forward, he slashed at the Kingdra, who stumbled backwards slightly out of shock. I watched as Salamence did a mid-air loop, celebrating.

“Heh,” the man laughed. “Now to show you true power! Kingdra, take down that dragon with Headbutt!”

Salamence could just fly out of the way, right? Shrugging it off, I was about to order my Pokémon to fly upwards when, suddenly, Kingdra struck out with a lethal Headbutt attack, leaving Salamence no time to dodge. Using his head like a battering ram, Kingdra slammed directly into Salamence’s stomach, and the blow has taken hard; really hard. My poor Pokémon was sent reeling backwards, letting out cries of pain. Finally, with a sickening crunch, he fell backwards, chest heaving up and down with deep breaths.

“Salamence, are you okay?” I gasped, running over to my winded friend.

“Sala… mence…” Salamence groaned, as I knelt beside him.

I looked at his right wing- it looked badly twisted. I certainly hoped Salamence wings could bend like that…

“Here… do you want a potion?” I asked, pulling out a small vial.

Salamence nodded, and I pressed the button on the Potion. It spread over him like some kind of mist, and he opened his eyes fully. His wing, with an awkward sound, bent back to its original position. With a slight roll, he flipped himself back on his legs, more enraged than ever.

“Heh. Not bad. Still… you didn’t recover that much health. Kingdra… finish it off with Hyper Beam!” the man roared, smirking.

Kingdra let out another battle cry, a light appearing in its thin, tube-like mouth. A slight humming noise emanated from the seahorse Pokémon as it fired a hot, powerful beam towards Salamence, boosted by higher speed and power.

“Dodge, then use Dragon Claw!” I shouted desperately.

Soaring upwards majestically, Salamence roared, as the Hyper Beam soared below. I watched as- uh oh… the Hyper Beam was heading for me! I dived in the opposite direction as the Hyper Beam rushed overhead. Breathing a sigh of relief, I crawled a few metres to the right, finally getting up as Salamence- now a flaming blur- dived at Kingdra, slashing with almighty force. I felt myself cheering inside… I’d won! Blood dripped from Kingdra’s wound as Salamence roared in victory. Kingdra began to fall backwards, vision blurring and eyes closing- until, it suddenly got up again.

“Flail.” my opponent said simply, as Kingdra lashed out fiercely.

No! I’d been outsmarted, and outgunned… Kingdra’s head slammed directly into Salamence’s form, and Salamence roared, a terrifying sound. Salamence began to teeter on his feet- but, incredibly, he stayed up, scowling.

“That was… an Endure!” my opponent stuttered.

Kingdra’s amazed face was nothing but victory in Salamence’s eyes as he charged up his final attack. Mystical fire covered Salamence’s form as he prepared to strike for the final time.

“Dragon Claw!” I bellowed, and Salamence let out a victorious roar, swinging a flame-shrouded claw towards Kingdra, which penetrated the seahorse’s skin, causing him to let out a painful screech.

Kingdra could not avoid the attack. Weakened, bleeding, and struck critically, it could not fight any more, fainting into a heap on the floor. Silence fell. Without a sound, my opponent held out a Pokeball, retreating Kingdra into its haven inside.

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