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Default Hidden Truths- Part I

The room opened up into the courtyard, where she turned left- the dragon room. Opening the door quietly, she beckoned with her finger.

“Altaria, come with me.” Melody whispered, and the humming Pokémon lazily obeyed, stumbling out with her.

This was weird… what was she doing? After a short moment’s wondering, I decided to confront her.

“Melody?” I called, as she jumped.

“Huh? Lee? What are you doing here?” she asked blankly.

I stared into her eyes, and noted- to my surprise- that she was crying. I gasped; obviously, something was wrong.

“What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” I wondered.

“My sister… her name is Louisa. She disappeared a year ago, along with her friend, Cliff. Each year, I go looking for them.” Melody explained- her sad look had now been replaced by a confident one.

Words could not possibly describe how nosy and ashamed I felt. If I didn’t even trust my own friends… then it wasn’t good.

“I’m sorry…” I mumbled, red-faced.

“It’s okay.” Melody said shortly, turning away. “Besides… I think the ‘R’ has something to do with it. It’s all a little strange… who knows what I may find? Do you want to come with me to look?”

I felt like I was intruding, but something in my gut told me to just go. Slightly indecisive, I nodded.


Using only the moonlight as a guide, I followed Melody and Altaria above the woods. The trees below were vibrant with Zubat and Golbat seeking an evening meal, while sleeping Munchlax and Snorlax snored loudly.

“Salamence, there’s only a little further to go,” I reassured my dragon Pokémon, who was still tired from the battle with David earlier.

Suddenly, explosions were heard from below, and a bright beam was launched into the air, narrowly missing Salamence, who roared in fury.

“What was that?” I yelled, as Salamence’s eyes narrowed.

My heart began thumping, and I knew I had to battle whoever was attacking. It was my only option.

“We need to land!” Melody shouted from ahead. “Follow me, I’ll find a good landing spot!”

I looked behind me- three more shapes had risen into the sky, all with mysteriously clothed people riding them. They sped up, pursuing us. Oh, no… what if they were too powerful?

“Tropius, Stomp!” I heard one yell.

“Togetic, Ancient Power!” another enemy screamed.

I looked behind us again- Tropius was soaring above us, roaring and preparing to attack. Suddenly, it zoomed ahead, and began to dive at Melody.

“Melody! Watch out!” I bellowed.

“Salamence!” Salamence reminded me- Togetic was following Tropius.

“Bwa ha ha,” the Togetic rider sneered. “You’re going down!”

Togetic let out a loud screech, and threw up both wings. An aura surrounded the enemy, and a ring of rocks swung below the happiness Pokémon and, with another battle cry, Togetic used a mystical force to send the rocks flying at Salamence.

“Altaria, dodge!” Melody cried.

Altaria swerved to the right, narrowly avoiding Tropius’ deadly Stomp attack. Roaring in fury, the fruit Pokémon regained its composure, soaring straight upwards again, flapping its palm-like wings in a Whirlwind attack.

“Salamence, knock Tropius out with Flamethrower!” I ordered.

Salamence snarled, flapping its orange wings harder to escape Togetic’s deadly Ancient Power. He attempted to escape, but the rocks kept blocking his way. Ack! Salamence was trapped by Togetic’s relentless attack! Suddenly, I had an idea…

“Salamence, use Flamethrower on Togetic instead!” I shouted.

With a great effort, the dragon Pokémon craned its neck, facing the Togetic. Energy gathered in his mouth, as he thought of his brother, Bagon. With an almighty battle cry, he launched a powerful, fiery beam, which struck Togetic in the chest. His rider gasped, struggling to hold onto Togetic while it flailed in mid-air.

“Salamence,” I roared, “finish it with Dragon Claw!”

Salamence did a mid-air somersault, as the air rushed past my head. I felt slightly dizzy as my Pokémon darted upwards, flames gathering around him as he flew. Luckily, the flames did not seem to damage me, or Salamence, but they certainly would do so to Togetic. Ouch. Anyway, the dragon let out a frightening battle cry, swinging its claw forward in a powerful attack, which tore into Togetic’s skin with petrifying force. The opponent let out a pained screech, before falling out of the sky from a dizzying height.

“Delibird, Ice Beam!” a voice behind me yelled, and Salamence began to dive, as the cold beam soared above us.

In an almost beautiful yet haunting display, the bright blue beam soared through the dark night, illuminating the sky with its icy wonder. It sped ever closer to the battling Altaria and Tropius, and, in a bizarre twist of fate, the Tropius barely dodged, leaves catching the wind and causing it to soar upwards.

“No!” I bellowed.

The Ice Beam soared through the air, making a small whistling sound as it flew. With a terrifying screech, the attack collided with Altaria, whose eyes closed in intense pain. Losing all will to battle, it began to drop from the sky, Melody holding on to her Pokémon- screaming and scared. It couldn’t happen! Melody couldn’t die! Without any rational thought, I urged Salamence to follow her downwards. He nodded, raising his wings in a steep dive. The trees rushed up to meet us, and Salamence began to smooth out, shooting forwards. I hoped Melody would be okay… looking forward, I saw her flailing wildly in mid-air, followed by an unconscious Altaria.

“Melody!” I shouted.

The wind brushed my hair back, and my eyes narrowed. This required split-second timing. I had to save my friend. There was no alternative. Salamence accelerated, zooming through the air. Melody fell helplessly, like a rag doll dropped from a little girl’s hands. I silently urged Salamence to fly faster, but I realised- at a higher speed, we could overshoot the target. Oh, no… we wouldn’t make it in time! Suddenly, a slightly unorthodox strategy occurred to me. Crazy it may be, but it was my only choice.

“Salamence, use Flamethrower on that tree!” I ordered defiantly, pointing to it.

With an almighty roar, my Pokémon charged up a fiery, magical orb, growling as it grew in size. With a great effort, he let loose a strong, powerful Flamethrower, which soared through the woods, scorching the ground below it. In an amazing display, the attack hit the tree, sparks flying from the collision point and the trunk splintering, beginning to fall inwards- directly in the path of Melody.

“Come on, Melody…” I breathed, as she plummeted towards the fallen tree below.

Melody reached out a shaking hand, as I watched, fearful for her safety. Managing to grab a branch, she breathed out heavily.

“Salamence, get closer.” I said quietly, and Salamence beat its majestic wings, bringing me closer to my friend, who was frantically returning Altaria into its Pokeball.

“Get onto Salamence,” I mumbled, and Melody, shivering, swung her leg around and sat on the dragon.

Pulling a Revive out of her back, I watched in silence as she sprayed it on Altaria’s Pokeball, and I heard Altaria cry from inside, energy renewed. She smiled, gazing fondly at the Pokeball, and then she looked up at me, proud and smiling. I blushed slightly, but she didn’t see it.

“Thanks,” she smiled, patting me on the back. “Hey, look over there!”

Looking to my right, I saw a large stone figure, perched upon a small hill. The moonlight struck it, and also the gleaming sword in its hand.

“A sword?” I muttered, sceptical. “Why is this person holding a sword?”

“It is not just any sword,” Melody explained, sighing. “It’s the Eon Sword. It was forged by the power of both Latios and Latias, and was used to defeat the evils that once lurked on this island.”

As Salamence floated there, I gazed at the sword, feeling a mysterious sensation of triumph. Weird… anyway, I continued to gaze out into the stars, watching my enemies flying overhead on a Tropius and a Delibird.

“Salamence… Sunny Day!” I whispered, and Salamence began to move with a rhythm, sunlight erupting from the pitch-black strangle of the night.

Above, I noticed the people on flying Pokémon looking down in surprise, the sunlight restricting their vision of below under a bright white blanket.

“Move, Salamence!” I quickly told him, as he moved his wings, which picked up the wind, carrying him, Melody and me through the forest.

Wind flew over my face as everything around me became nothing but a blur. I could escape the forest… and alive as well! Now, just to relocate the temple…


Salamence silently touched down in the centre of the courtyard, moonlight shining over his determined face. He had flown well, despite the obvious lack of sunlight. I was proud of him. Looking over at Melody, I saw she looked tired, and sweaty, but pleased that we had escaped.

“Well, we made it out alive,” she sighed, relieved and rubbing tiredness from her eyes.

“You certainly won’t be alive when the Sensei is done with you,” a feminine voice sneered.

To my surprise, a girl, about my age, was standing in the courtyard, wearing temple uniform. She has waist-length brown hair, and ruthless blue eyes that glared at Melody and I. She gave off the same hostile aura as Logan.

“Jacinta, just go back to bed… this is none of your business.” Melody yawned, stepping forward.

A twisted smile formed upon Jacinta’s lips, her features contorted with evil thoughts. The mere expression on her face was enough to make me shiver, despite the coldness of the night.

“None of my business?” she sneered. “Why don’t we bring the higher-ups into this? Then it will be my business.”

I gaped at the pure evil that this girl was displaying. She was almost a bigger psycho than Logan!! And, that was saying something… anyway; she began reaching for her bag!

“How about a battle?” she sneered, pulling out two Pokeballs.

“That’s okay with me!” Melody replied confidently.

Melody gripped her Ultra Ball tightly, and Salamence walked up behind me, roaring loudly and ready for a tough battle. Jacinta smirked, obviously not impressed.

“Altaria, go!” Melody cried, throwing the Ultra Ball.

“Salamence, take ‘em down!” I shouted.

“Cubone! Milotic! Show these losers what you’ve got!” Jacinta bellowed.

All three various types of Pokeballs clattered onto the courtyard floor- and, snaking out of the balls were Milotic, Cubone and Altaria, all shouting battle cries. However, I noticed that the Cubone wore a bone necklace… not normal. Salamence ran over, feet stomping against the ground. The moonlight still shone brightly, creating a perfect circle in the middle of the courtyard. The battle had begun.

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