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Default Hidden Truths- Part I

“Altaria, Peck on Cubone!” Melody ordered.

“Salamence, Dragon Claw on Milotic!” I shouted.

“Cubone, Headbutt on Altaria! Milotic, Safeguard!” Jacinta said sternly.

The four Pokémon eagerly leapt into battle, Salamence soaring towards Milotic while gathering flame, energy and power. With an almighty slash and a roar, he brought his claw downwards, flames trailing behind it. Tearing through Milotic’s flesh, he let out a victorious shout, cartwheeling away from the wounded Pokémon and landing again, smirking. Next to Milotic, Altaria was diving downwards steeply, preparing to peck Cubone’s belly. The smaller Pokémon ducked, as Altaria swooped overhead, and the humming Pokémon turned around, propelling itself downwards once again. Suddenly, the lonely Pokémon used her stubby little legs to propel herself into the air, skull helmet reflecting the moonlight suddenly. With a tremendous effort, she angled itself downwards, shooting herself right into Altaria’s back, headfirst. Agonized, the dragon hit the ground, groaning slightly.

“No, Altaria!” Melody cried.

“This is none of your business,” Jacinta mimicked, scowling.

Anger built up inside me. This Jacinta girl must really hate Melody… but why? And to what extent?

“Milotic, use Mirror Coat on Salamence! Cubone, use Headbutt!” Jacinta cackled, as Melody lay beside Altaria, trying to get it to fight again.

Both of Jacinta’s Pokémon leapt towards my wary Salamence, who stood its ground, despite the two Pokémon darting towards it. Milotic was enveloped in flames, letting out a beautiful yet chilling cry is it flew. Cubone also leapt high up into the air, directing her head downwards as she descended. Salamence glared at the two Pokémon, awaiting an order.

“Salamence, use Dragon Claw on Cubone!” I roared.

He soared upwards, just as Milotic’s flame-covered form slammed into the ground below. Like Milotic, mystical flaming energy gathered around the flying dragon as he went for a direct collision course with Cubone and her hard helmet.

“Now, level up a bit and direct your attack upwards!” I smiled… Salamence was really putting up a good fight.

Roaring, Salamence began to level out, as Cubone continued to fall, fear now in her eyes. My heart swelled with pride at how he could fight so well. Turning around, my Pokémon roared, flames blazing brightly in mid-air. With an almighty slash, he brought his claws upwards and through Cubone’s flesh, as his opponent let out a pained shriek. Without any energy left to fight, Cubone fainted. Unfortunately, it was in mid-air, and fell to the ground, unconscious.

“Stupid Cubone!” Jacinta spat, glaring at her fainted Pokemon. “No matter, though… Milotic, use Ice Beam!”

The bruised Milotic let out a cry, charging up a pale blue orb inside its mouth. Crystals gathered around the Pokémon as it let loose a gargantuan blast of cold towards the airborne Salamence, at high speed.

“Salamence, dodge it!” I yelled desperately.

The Ice Beam flew upwards towards my Pokémon, who frantically attempted flying away- I couldn’t watch!

“Altaria, Dragonbreath!” I heard Melody yell, and I looked up- Altaria was up- bruised, but up- and had just expelled a blue flame in the direction of the Ice Beam.

The two beams collided, a hot dragon attack and a cool ice type move. Various shades of blue sparks scattered around the courtyard, resembling a fireworks display. Meanwhile, Salamence flew above the chaos, smirking.

“Now, Milotic, Ice Beam on Altaria!” Jacinta shouted.

“Altaria, quickly! Dragonbreath!” Melody ordered.

Altaria hummed, charging up magical energy for a powerful attack as Milotic did the same. At the exact same moment, Altaria cried out, letting loose a Dragonbreath, just as Milotic used Ice Beam. I watched in mute amazement as the attacks collided, then I realised I could finish the battle.

“Salamence, Take Down!” I roared.

Salamence flew downwards, gathering immense and fearful speed. It became a blur as it aimed towards its target- Milotic. Milotic looked upwards, but could do nothing- relinquishing its stalemate against Altaria’s Dragonbreath would only worsen the injuries. We had Milotic right where we wanted it.

“SALAMENCE!” Salamence snarled, as it came ever closer.

Finally, with a sickening crunch, the two Pokémon collided at high speed, Salamence taking damage as well. Milotic soared backwards, heavily injured as the ice beam faded. Salamence, too, crashed to the ground, but was not as badly injured as the poor Milotic. Slowly, the opponent forced itself up, shaking badly. Salamence towered over it, smirking. The battle was over.

“Milotic, Rest!” Jacinta cried.

Instead of getting up to fight, Milotic’s eyelids grew heavier, a smile appearing on its weary face. With a feeling of immense pleasure, the Pokémon sank to the ground, snoring gently.

“Let’s finish this!” I bellowed eagerly. “Salamence, Take Down!”

Salamence once again rushed towards the sleeping Milotic, and momentarily jumped, slamming into the Pokémon. Milotic simply rolled away, still wearing that smile, while Salamence growled, still slightly injured.

“Huh? It barely did anything!” I exclaimed.

Jacinta snickered, a knowing look on her eyes. Something was wrong. I just didn’t know what… aagh!

“Milotic’s ability is Marvel Scale,” she smiled. “When Milotic is sleeping, its defences increase. So, you’ll just be waiting for it to wake up.”

I growled, angry. Beside me, Melody was thinking hard about how to take this Milotic down. With Ice Beam, it had enough power to take down both Altaria and Salamence in one hit. Even worse, Ice Beam was almost unstoppable.

“Well, Altaria, you know what to do! Use your Dragonbreath attack!” Melody smirked.

Altaria let out a joyful hum, gathering even more energy than before. To my shock, Milotic’s eyelids fluttered slightly- it was about to wake up. Looking across at Melody, I saw she had realised this too.

“Attack now!” she shouted.

With a battle cry, Altaria readied itself to fire the beam, which it did. It soared through the cool air, superheating it. However, just as Milotic woke up, and, before Jacinta could order a counter-attack or dodge, the Pokémon was struck by the beam, sparks flying everywhere. Milotic let out a pained screech, and flew backwards. It was a direct hit! I let out a yell of joy as Milotic began to stumble.

“Milotic, don’t let that faze you! Show these losers your Ice Beam attack!” Jacinta smiled confidently.

“Altaria, Take Down!” Melody grinned.

“Salamence, counter Ice Beam with Flamethrower!” I yelled.

Despite the two-on-one battle, it was still rather close. Altaria looped in the air, soaring upwards as Jacinta watched. Next to her, Milotic finished charging energy and fired its Ice Beam into the night- towards Altaria- but Salamence was still charging energy. Burning rage built up inside it, and it summoned the power necessary to counter Milotic’s deadly attack. It finally launched the Flamethrower, lighting up the night and superheating the air around it. As it soared upwards, it came into direct contact with Milotic’s Ice Beam.

“Aaaagh! No, Milotic!” Jacinta cried.

Checked, Milotic could not move. Water droplets fell from the collision point, showering the trainers in pure H2O and shrouding the arena in mist. Shielding his eyes against the downpour, I watched in amazement as Altaria swooped downwards at high speed, colliding heavily with the opponent. Both Pokémon skidded across the pavement, eventually coming to rest on the slippery ground.

“Now, finish it off with Take Down,” I said firmly, as Salamence ceased its Flamethrower.

Flying at high speed through the misty courtyard in the pitch darkness, Salamence let out a roar, swooping downwards at Milotic in a large arch. Bracing itself for impact, he narrowed his eyes.

“No! Milotic!” Jacinta shrieked.

With a loud sound, Salamence crashed into Milotic, hurting both Pokémon. Milotic skidded across the floor once more, but this time, it did not get up again. The battle was over. Melody and I had won.

“Ahem.” a voice coughed.

I saw a shadow through the mist. Squinting to see it, I realised too late that it was the sensei. And, the rule was you had to be in bed early. Uh-oh…

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