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Default Hidden Truths- Part I

“Ariados, get up!” Annie barked, scowling.

Suddenly, Salamence winced. What was happening? How did Poison Sting affect Salamence this badly?!

“Ha… excellent job, Ariados.” Annie laughed. “That Salamence has been poisoned.”

Grrr! They’d injured my Salamence as well… now was not the time for planning. It was time to act.

“Salamence, finish it with Flamethrower!” I shouted desperately.

“Ariados, Disable!” Annie laughed.

Both Pokémon, injured, got up again, glaring at each other while breathing in heavily. Come on, Salamence… despite the poison, Salamence managed to let out a loud war cry, dangerous amounts of fiery energy gathering around it and in its mouth. In a huge display of energy, he discharged the attack, as it soared towards Ariados, super-heating the surrounding air. Ariados stood its ground, watching the flamethrower soar towards it. Suddenly, it let loose a string from between its pincers, which soared over the Flamethrower attack, and struck Salamence.

“No!” I gasped.

Salamence stumbled, attack slowly fading. The string began to move like a vine, strapping itself around the poor dragon Pokémon. Struggling against the tough string, he attempted to launch another Flamethrower, but he couldn’t seem to be able to.

“Salamence, Flamethrower!” I roared.

“Ariados, Psychic!” my opponent smiled.

Salamence let out a pained roar as the string gripped tighter and the poison coursed through his veins, and he willed himself to fire a flamethrower. I waited with bated breath to see him fire it, but he made no attempt to dodge as Ariados began its attack.

“Salamence, Flamethrower!” I repeated desperately.

Psychic ripples of energy began to flow from Ariados’ form, soaring through the air with ease. Salamence stood still, straining against the combined forces of the string and the poison, but his attack failed, and put up no resistance as Ariados’ lethal strike hit him head on, causing him to fall onto his side.

“Please, Salamence,” I pleaded. “Why aren’t you attacking?”

“Sala…” Salamence groaned weakly, breathing heavily.

“Ariados, another Psychic!” Annie screeched from behind me.

I ran over to my Pokémon, as Annie and her Ariados sneered at my efforts to help my Salamence up. Its eyes slowly closed- it was trying to recover any damage. Kneeling next to him, I growled, with an almost inhuman sound. Suddenly, a flash of light struck, and I reeled backwards. What was going on? What was happening to me!? Letting out a pained scream, I fell backwards, my head hitting the hard ground. A ringing formed in my ears. Squinting, I tried to focus on the picture ahead of me. I heard a jumble of voices… someone else had entered the room.

“Altaria, Dragonbreath!” I heard a female voice scream.

“Kingdra, Headbutt!” I heard a male voice say.

“No problem! Ariados, Psychic!” Annie cried.

A loud explosion… a blue beam… a blur… what was happening? I heard the distinct cry of an Altaria, and willed myself to get up. Planting my hands against the concrete floor, I pushed downwards, lifting my body off the floor.

“Lee? Are you okay?” I heard David ask anxiously, kneeling beside me.

“What happened?” I groaned weakly.

I felt like I was about to throw up. To my left, I noted that Annie was fleeing down a long, dark corridor. That Ariados was freakishly powerful… it had badly hurt my Salamence, within only three attacks.

“You were hit by Ariados’ Psychic,” David informed me. “You’ll feel sick for a bit afterwards… but that’s normal.”

“Is Salamence okay?” I asked anxiously.

David nodded solemnly. Behind him, I saw Melody, sitting beside my Pokémon, a Full Restore in her hands. I grinned weakly. We’d both be fine. Gazing upwards at the green lights, I realised one thing- Team Rocket were powerful.

“Why’d you wander off?” David asked angrily.

“I just wanted to find Bagon,” I mumbled, ashamed. “Plus, Oakley stealing more Pokémon… it’s not just about Bagon anymore, it’s about all of those other Pokémon as well.”

“More Pokémon are missing.” David sighed.

“WHAT?” I exclaimed, shocking David slightly.

I got up off the floor, brushing myself off. Looking once again at the monitors- and, at Bagon, I knew that this had gone too far.

“It was Jacinta’s Cubone,” Melody said quietly, walking over to where David and I were standing. “She didn’t really care about it, though… she even said so.”

I thought hard. Cubone was a Pokémon that pined for its deceased mother… it was possible that the missing Marowak may have jolted Cubone into running away and saving it. I had to recapture it, before it was subjected to the same torture as all of the other Pokémon. Another reason to stop these evil people! They’re gonna pay!

“Yeah… she even said she hated it. No wonder the poor Pokémon ran away,” David sighed.

“We’ve gotta go and save the Pokémon.” I said firmly, fists clenched. “Team Rocket shouldn’t get away with this.”


I vaguely heard faint Pokémon crying from up ahead. The lack of light was beginning to hurt my eyes, but I did not let it get to me. Bagon had to be saved!

“Almost there,” I told myself breathlessly.

Sprinting, I strained myself to look ahead, heart beating hard and head pounding. This wasn’t just for me any more. It was for all of the other trainers, who had lost their Pokémon. I had to win.

“We’re here.” David muttered shortly.

I put on a determined face, despite, inside, I felt terrified. If we went in, we could not come out. This could be the last few minutes of my life. With a deep breath, I reached forward towards the door, gripped the handle with sweaty, shaking hands, turned the knob, and pushed open the door, revealing the room inside.


The room was illuminated by lights overhead, and smelt heavily of smoke. It made me retch just smelling it… gazing upwards, I saw that the roof was stained with scorch marks and smoke. The containers that had once held Pokémon were broken, glass covering the floor and reflecting the little light available. Something was really wrong here.

“What happened here?” David gasped, in awe.

“I dunno… but this isn’t the right room. We need to get out of here.” Melody urged us.

“Salamence,” Salamence agreed, nodding.

I subconsciously nodded, but was too preoccupied by the mess that had occupied the room. Stepping slowly forward as the glass broke underneath my shoes, I looked at each of the containers… still empty. I examined it further, and- how could they?! At each side of the cage was a small needle, sparking with electricity. I clenched my fists harder, fingernails digging deep into my palms and almost drawing blood. I hated Team Rocket!

“Let’s go.” David muttered. “I have a feeling Team Rocket has found us, and-”

Then, as if on cue, the door at the other end of the room began to open with a slight creak. As it slowly opened, shivers ran down my spine. These Rockets could be even tougher than Annie from before. This could be the final battle.

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