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Default Hidden Truths- Part I

“Hey, kids, get out of here!” a female voice shouted, outraged.

Three figures emerged from the shadows, each dressed in Rocket attire- except, they all wore matching black masks. They looked strong… I highly doubted that we could beat them.

“Go on, go away!” the male beside her laughed.

“Make us!” Melody yelled, walking up beside me. “You’ve stolen Pokémon, and we intend to get them back!”

“You may talk the talk, girl,” the third Rocket sneered, in a gruff voice, “but can you walk the walk? Let’s go, Crobat!”

The third masked Rocket threw an Ultra Ball into the air, where it opened with a mystical sound. Emerging in a flash of red light, Crobat proceeded to let out a chilling cry while flapping its wings.

“We’ll show you just what happens if you steal our Pokémon!” David bellowed, coming up on the other side of me. “Kingdra, I choose you!”

David, too, threw his Pokeball, where it landed on the ground. Kingdra appeared out of it, a giant seahorse. Under the limited lights of the room, it seemed much more menacing.

“You can’t put up a fight against us Rockets!” the second Rocket cried. “Glalie, show them what you’ve got!”

The second Rocket lobbed the Pokeball into the air, and it fell to the ground with a slight click, and opened, displaying Glalie.

“What on earth is that?” I gasped, looking at the Glalie with a mixture of amusement and bewilderment… whatever it was; it looked stupid.

“It’s a Glalie…” the Rocket informed me, laughing. “your downfall.”

“Well, meet my friend, Salamence!” I retorted loudly, as Salamence soared overhead, roaring.

“No problem! Kabutops, go!” the first Rocket screamed, throwing her Pokeball.

The Pokeball rolled across the floor quietly, eventually opening at the middle. A burst of red light shot out of it, and onto the ground in front of it. Gradually, it grew in size, forming the shellfish Pokémon, Kabutops.

“Altaria, go!” Melody ordered finally, throwing the Pokeball into the air, where it opened, revealing the Pokémon.

Looking around at the Pokémon- Salamence, Altaria, Kingdra, Kabutops, Crobat and Glalie- I knew it would be a tricky battle. Still, that didn’t faze me one bit… now was time for battle.

“Crobat, Supersonic on Kingdra!” the third Rocket yelled.

“Glalie, Ice Beam on Altaria!” the second one shouted.

“Kabutops, Aurora Beam on Salamence!” the first one laughed.

“Salamence, use Dragon Claw on Kabutops!” I roared.

“Altaria, Sing on Glalie!” Melody yelled.

“Kingdra, evade that attack then use Headbutt on Crobat!” David ordered.

Crobat flapped, stationary, and then began to let out a cry, which gradually grew shriller, and, then, suddenly, yellow sonic waves shot out of Crobat’s mouth, towards Kingdra, who twisted out of the way easily, before leaping towards its opponent, head directed sideways like a battering ram.

“Crobat, dodge it now!” the Rocket yelled.

Crobat flailed about in mid-air, desperately trying to gain the altitude to escape from Kingdra’s attack. However, its efforts were worthless, as Kingdra’s head collided with Crobat’s form as it began to fall backwards, letting out tired gasps.

“Good job, Kingdra!” David cheered, as Kingdra let out a happy cry.

Meanwhile, Salamence and Altaria frantically flew about in mid-air, trying to dodge the repeated Ice attacks from Kabutops and Glalie. However, I saw that they were glowing weary. Something had to be done.

“Okay, change of plans! Salamence, Flamethrower on Glalie!” I shouted.

Narrowly dodging Kabutops’ Aurora Beam, Salamence let out a roar, quickly charging up fiery energy into its mouth. Growling, it released the energy, in a narrow blast that soared downwards, directly towards Glalie.

“Kabutops, counter that attack with Aurora Beam!” the Rocket yelled.

Kabutops let out a cry, charging icy energy slowly as it began to attack.

“Hurry it up, Kabutops!” the Rocket screeched.

“Kingdra, use Hyper Beam on Kabutops!” David roared.

Kingdra began charging gargantuan amounts of energy in its narrow snout-like mouth, glowing an orange colour. Letting out a cry, it launched the Hyper Beam, which flew across the room, slamming into Kabutops. The shellfish Pokémon staggered backwards, injured, and the Aurora Beam faded as Salamence’s Flamethrower slammed into Glalie, causing it to roll across the room, badly injured.

“Hey, don’t forget about me! Crobat, Poison Fang on Kingdra!” the other Rocket laughed.

Crobat swooped downwards, the tired Kingdra making no effort to dodge. As the bat came downwards, David tried to urge his Kingdra to move, but with no success. Crobat struck hard, sinking its teeth deep into the seahorse’s flesh. Kingdra let out a screech of pain as his opponent injected amounts of dangerous poison into Kingdra’s bloodstream, poisoning him.

“You should really watch out for your Pokémon more.” he laughed, as he watched Kingdra writhe in pain.

How could they treat Pokémon so callously? Outraged, I knew that now was the time to attack.

“Salamence, Dragon Claw on Crobat!” I shouted.

This should be enough to knock out Crobat… two against three was an easier fight. Besides… Glalie was too weak to attack, leaving Kabutops vulnerable to a team attack.

Salamence soared downwards, gathering speed and power. Flames burned around his very skin, but he was unfazed as the mystical power helped his attack grow stronger. With a loud roar, he swiped strongly with his fire-covered claw, tearing through Crobat’s flesh like rice paper. Crobat let out a screech as it grew weaker. Knowing it could not possibly fight on, it fainted into a heap on the floor. Yes!

“Great job, Salamence!” I shouted, smiling, as he let out a victory cry in agreement.

“You may think you’ve won, kid,” a Rocket smirked, as one of his team-mates fled, opening the door, “but you’ve made a mistake. Kabutops, Aurora Beam!”

I gaped, as Kabutops charged up its lethal beam, briefly taking aim, then firing, directly towards its target- Altaria. Before Melody could order a dodge, the attack hit head-on, as Altaria cried out in pain. Finally, as a last action, Altaria used up the last of its energy as it hummed a soothing tune, which vibrated through the air, and hit its mark, striking Kabutops. Altaria then plummeted downwards, speed gathering until it slammed to the ground, fainted. Across the battlefield, Kabutops fought hard to fight the tiredness that gathered in its brain, and fell to the ground, snoring gently.

“Altaria, return.” Melody muttered dully, holding out its ball as the red light sucked it back in, closing the Pokeball. “Well, I’m out… should I look for Bagon?”

“Yeah, and Lee… you go with her,” David muttered.

I gasped, and Melody looked surprised. Kingdra couldn’t take on two Pokémon at once, much less which poisoned!

“David… come on… there’s no way you can beat them both!” I told him, shocked.

“One of them is sleeping, and the other’s weak… I reckon I can handle it. Now, go. Bagon is waiting.” David said firmly.

Breathing in heavily, Melody and I nodded. We then ran back out the door while David laughed confidently.

“Right,” David smirked, “let’s see what you’ve got.”

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