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Default Hidden Truths- Part I

“Have you got any Revives left?” I asked Melody shortly, as we sat against a pillar in the dark, dank corridor.

“Nope, only Potions,” she replied, zipping her bag up and getting off the floor. “Let’s go and find Bagon. Hopefully Salamence can hold its own.”

Nodding solemnly and getting up, I looked back at Salamence. Despite the situation, he still looked as confident and powerful as ever. I could tell he was ready to fight off any challengers. Smiling briefly, I focused on the task at hand. Shielding my eyes against the lights, I looked ahead.

“Sea! Horsea!” I heard a cry from ahead.

“A Horsea?” Melody exclaimed quizzically. “Weird… better go check it out.”

Walking forwards, we looked down on the ground- laying there, chest heaving, was a young Horsea. Its eyes were closed out of pain, and it was bruised. Even worse was the scorch marks on its skin. This poor Pokémon had been tortured.

“Poor thing,” Melody muttered. “It’s probably all alone here...”

I kneeled down, looking at the Horsea. It was the basic form of Kingdra, and I could tell. However, there were some differences- namely, it had a different face, different fins, and, most notably, the smaller size.

“Horsea… are you okay?” I asked.

“Horsea?” Horsea croaked weakly, gazing up at me with barely open eyes.

Team Rocket would pay! These awful criminals had destroyed many lives… and they would stop at nothing. I just had to beat them!

“Horsea, this may sting a bit,” Melody apologised, pulling out a Potion and pressing the button.

The fine spray covered Horsea, who blinked. It settled down on its skin, going deep inside. Horsea let out a happy cry, feeling much better. It made me happy just looking at it!

“You want to help us find Bagon, Horsea?” I asked, and the little Pokémon nodded firmly.

“Okay… Melody, can you hold Horsea for now?” I asked her, and she nodded as well.

I walked up the corridor, Melody following me. Now we had a new ally, we could possibly stand a chance of beating the Rockets.

“Try this room.” Melody suggested grimly.

Nodding, I grasped the doorknob, turning it to my right. I shoved the door open, and, as it swung open in front of me, I immediately knew this was the place.

”Wow.” I managed to gasp.

The room was dimly illuminated by overhead lights, and several more containers were around the sides of the room. The middle had several tables, each with paper on them. I walked over to one of them, gazing at the documents.

“We’ve gotta be quick,” Melody urged, from somewhere near the door. “David could be in trouble, and those Rockets could be after us.”

I absent-mindedly nodded, as I looked through the papers. My eyes widened. From what I could see so far… the Pokémon were subjected to torture, gene splicing and illegal substances, which forced them to grow in power. This was insanity!

“Lee! It’s Bagon, over there!” Melody told me excitedly.

Smiling, I ran across the room, swerving between tables. The journey was over… we could leave now. Behind me were Salamence and Melody- holding Horsea- and, we stopped in front of the container which held Bagon.

“Okay, Salamence, are you ready? Melt the cage bars with your Flamethrower!” I shouted.

Salamence growled; summoning all of the energy he could, I saw the energy orb gather in his mouth. I could tell he was thinking of his brother. With a determined roar, he let loose his Flamethrower. It scorched the bars, turning them as brittle as uncooked spaghetti. Bagon then looked up, anger in its eyes. With a quick Headbutt, Bagon broke through the door, crying out victoriously with a grin on its face.

“Bagon! You’re safe!” I cried joyously.

“Bagon!” Bagon yelled angrily.

“Huh? Bagon?” I gaped- what was happening?

Bagon smirked. Suddenly, it opened its mouth, revealing a small fireball, burning brightly. He let out a cry, and then launched his attack. What was going on? I dived to the floor as Ember whizzed overhead. Bagon let out a reptilian laugh, leaping into the air and bending its head back. With another roar, he jerked his head back downwards, opening his mouth and firing a deadly Hydro Pump. It zoomed downwards, aiming directly for my stomach. I rolled out of the way, as the Hydro Pump hit the ground next to me. What in the name of Rayquaza was going on?

“Bagon!” Bagon shouted angrily, tiny fists clenching.

“Salamence… get him to stop!” I ordered warily.

Salamence stomped past me, looking angry at his younger brother. Both dragons glared at each other. This was not good. I could only watch as Bagon and Salamence conversed.

“Bagon!” Bagon screamed suddenly, and jumped at Salamence, surrounded in flames. As it fell, it brought its claw back, preparing to swipe with almighty force. As it came closer, Salamence shot me a glance- a sort of ‘give-me-an-order-or-otherwise-my-psycho-brother-is-going-to-use-Dragon-Claw-on-me’ type glance. I swallowed. I didn’t want to injure Bagon, but I didn’t want Salamence to be hurt. I decided to take the only course of action I could.

“Flamethrower, Salamence!” I roared, and Salamence started charging up his attack.

Fiery energy gathered inside his mouth, growing larger by the second. Salamence let out a cry, and shot the Flamethrower directly at his brother. It hit, consuming the young dragon in flames.

“I’m sorry, Salamence…” I mumbled, filled with sorrow- what had I done?

Suddenly, Salamence reeled back in pain, roaring. I looked across the room, gasping. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Standing in the middle of the room, completely unharmed, was Bagon. Somehow, it had used Flamethrower to strengthen its Dragon Claw attack, without taking a single percent of damage.

“That Bagon has gotten more powerful!” Melody called. “Be careful!”

It was true… Bagon had improved greatly since our last encounter. Still… last time we had met, I didn’t even have a Pokémon. Now I do… maybe that would change things.

“Lee, listen carefully,” Melody cried, concerned. “The torture has turned Bagon insane… he won’t listen to orders, or anything for that matter.”

I nodded vaguely. Just a battle… it was just a battle…

“Salamence, retaliate with Take Down!” I shouted desperately.

Salamence soared into the air, searching for a good angle. Finding one, he went into a steep dive as Bagon searched frantically for his attacker. Turning around, he looked just in time to see his brother fly directly into him in a deadly Take Down. Both Pokémon fell to the ground, injured, but Bagon was the most critically hurt. Salamence instantly got up, despite the Dragon Claw from earlier. I… just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t just leave Bagon, but I couldn’t take him either!

“Bagon!” Bagon shouted, preparing its new attack.

It swallowed hard, working to produce the power necessary to prepare the attack it was going to use. Finally, with a great snarl, Bagon let loose a large jet of water, which flew through the air, dropping off small droplets as it went. Salamence leapt out of the way without me ordering him to, and the attack missed by far. I smirked. Salamence could win this easily. I- AAAGH! Bagon wasn’t aiming for his brother… he was aiming for me! Swearing, I threw myself to the ground, as the Hydro Pump soared overhead.

“Salamence, Dragon Claw!” I yelled, slowly getting off the floor.

Salamence let out a snarl, soaring upwards in the large room. Doing twirls in mid-air, it then turned around, and darted downwards, flames coating its agile form. Bagon gasped, trying to leap out of the way- but it was too slow. Levelling out slightly, Salamence swiped with its sharp, flame covered claws, which tore into Bagon’s flesh, sending him flying towards the other side of the room, which had stairs that led up to a higher platform.

“Not bad,” I heard a voice mutter.

I looked around, towards the door- and saw a Rocket member from before, with her arm around Melody’s throat. The Rocket was laughing maniacally, backing away while still holding Melody captive. How did it happen?

“Let her go,” I snarled, fists clenching as the woman stopped laughing.

“Or what? I think you’ve been outmanoeuvred.” the Rocket sneered.

For a fraction of a second, her grip slackened. Melody took the chance, throwing herself outwards and launching her foot backwards. In a lighting-fast but clever move, she flipped the Rocket over her, and rolled out of the way.

“You always were a little brat,” the Rocket scowled, releasing Kabutops from its Pokeball.

“Lee, get Bagon!” Melody cried, as Horsea leapt in front of her. “Bagon’s the key to winning!”

Nodding briefly, Salamence and I ran across to where Bagon lay immobile as Melody and the Rocket battled behind me. I quickly reached into my pocket, searching for what I needed. Paper… no… leaf… whatever it was doing there, no… Ultra Ball! I pulled it out, a grin on my face. A feeling of elation filled me, like helium feeling a balloon. One of Bagon’s eyes cracked open, and it let out a weak cry. It still couldn’t put up a fight… yet, somehow, Bagon got up, determined to battle.

“You still wanna fight, huh? Fine with me,” I retorted confidently.

Scaly skin shining under the limited light, it began to charge an Ember. I backed away, as Salamence stepped forward, willing and eager to fight. Brother versus brother… friend versus friend. It had to end now.

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