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Default Hidden Truths- Part I

“Salamence, Take Down on Bagon!” I shouted, hoping my Pokémon wouldn’t be too powerful for Bagon to handle.

The older brother let out an anguished cry, soaring into the air with its magnificent orange wings. Doing a mid-air flip, my Pokémon then proceeded to soar downwards, speed and weight increasing by the second. Bagon began to arch its head back upwards, preparing its only hope of fighting back. Trying to summon the power necessary, it prepared for a powerful Hydro Pump.

“Salamence, it’s going to use Hydro Pump!” I notified him. “Use Dragon Claw!”

As he dived, Salamence began to gather flames around him. Driven by the anger at Team Rocket, the flames no longer simply coated the dragon, but blazed. I had to shield my eyes from the white-hot light. Despite the opponent being his own brother, he did not hesitate in giving it his best. Go, Salamence!

“Bagon!” Bagon cried, finally releasing Hydro Pump with a war cry.

Salamence did not falter as the powerful Water attack soared towards it, but instead flew straight into the blast, letting out a confident roar. The flames burned brighter than ever as he continued to fly downwards. It inspired me… Salamence was winning, no problem… but Bagon was still a worthy foe. Finally, in a loud boom, water and flame collided. Salamence did not stop his attack, the mystical energy burning brightly. I looked across… yes! Bagon was struggling to hold Salamence back, and I saw that Hydro Pump was using up a lot of energy.

“Salamence, hold on!” I roared.

Slowly, but surely, Salamence began to move forward, flames still blazing with the intensity of the sun. Bagon was beginning to shake violently, unable to hold his brother back any longer with such a powerful attack.

“Bagon!” Bagon cried, finally breaking the attack.

Flames still blazing, Salamence soared through the remnants of the Hydro Pump, steam and water droplets scattering across the floor. Bagon began to stagger, most of its energy drained from the many hits it had taken and also the immense power of the Hydro Pump. Salamence took this opportunity to fly faster, now just a flaming blur. Raising a sharpened claw, he flew ever closer towards Bagon, finally swiping through its skin with a sickening sound. The already wounded Bagon cried in pain, as it was thrown onto the platform above by a flare from the energy, where it landed with a ‘clang’, breathing doggedly and bleeding heavily. It couldn’t even stand, much less battle. We’d won!

“Way to go, Salamence!” I cried joyously, as Salamence let out a loud, happy cry. “Now, let’s go and help Melody.”

Nodding, Salamence and I ran over, moving past overturned tables and chairs, where Melody stood behind Horsea, who was battling hard. The battle looked fairly even… both Pokémon were weak, both trainers ready to deal the final blow.

“Kabutops, Slash!” the Rocket grunted.

“Horsea, dodge it and use Dragon Dance!” Melody shouted.

Kabutops leapt forward, bringing its scythe-like claw back in a threatening fashion. Despite Kabutops leaping forward to attack, Horsea stood tall, moving in a mystical dance. A strange power filled Horsea, and he suddenly felt more agile and powerful. However, that didn’t stop the Kabutops. I suddenly gasped… Horsea couldn’t learn any physical attacks.

“Horsea, use- uh…” Melody muttered, thinking hard.

The Rocket sniggered.

“You always were the underdog,” she cackled. “Kabutops, Slash!”

“Horsea, use whatever physical attack you know!” Melody cried desperately, as the Rocket continued to laugh.

As Kabutops beared down upon the seahorse, Horsea did a strange thing. It began to strike forward, and, with each thrust, a yellow star appeared, shining. Finally, with a cry, the stars flew at Kabutops, striking it on the shell. Despite its defences, the power and determination was enough to force the shellfish backwards, where it slammed into a wall.

“WHAT? Kabutops… return!” the Rocket screamed frantically, holding out a Pokeball. “You little twerps… unlock Cage 135! Authorization Epsilon Omega twelve seven two!”

With a loud clang, Cage 135 opened, revealing a short, stumpy, brown Pokémon. It wore a large skull for a helmet. Like most of the other Pokémon, it had burns and bruises. The most shocking fact was that it wore a bone necklace. It was Jacinta’s Cubone.

“Cubone, Bonemerang on those tubes above!” the Rocket yelled.

Cubone gripped her bone club tightly, preparing to throw it. Closing one eye and sticking its tongue out, she arched her arm back. With a cry, she threw the bone into the air- and hard. She span quickly, coming ever closer to the tube. Finally, with a loud crash, the Bonemerang penetrated, causing bizarre looking blue fluid to pour over the floor- and, over Bagon.

“What on earth was that?” I gasped.

The liquid began to evaporate, sending toxic gas into the air high above. The fans were sucking it in, but my eyes were fixed upon the platform above. Slowly, but surely, I saw Bagon stand up, a sleeper waking from a nightmare.

“Melody, I’ll need your help!” I yelled, turning around- but, Melody and the Rocket were gone, leaving Horsea alone with Cubone, Bagon, Salamence and I.

Picking up Horsea, I realised… the Rocket must have taken Melody when I wasn’t looking! My anger went up another notch… but that was not the priority. Beckoning with my finger, I ran to the door, carrying Horsea as Salamence followed. I grabbed the doorknob, twisting it… but it wouldn’t open. I was locked in… with two hyper-powered Pokémon… I was done for. There was no alternative. It was battle time.

“Okay, Salamence, use Take Down on Cubone!” I shouted.

Salamence roared loudly once again, launching into the air with a battle cry. As he soared upwards, I had to shield my eyes against the light, which had been amplified by the gas. Suddenly, to my surprise, Salamence began to drop, eyes closed and in pain. With a sickening crunch, my Pokémon fell to the floor, groaning. The gas above must have poisoned it!

“No, Salamence!” I cried.

I watched as Salamence got up slowly, struggling to keep its balance. I had to be more careful… without the ability to fly; this battle would be harder if he was unable to fly too high. As I was watching, Horsea jumped out of my arms, and tried to put to use some of its energy. Gagging slightly, it let loose a cold, concentrated blast of water, which hit Cubone hard, causing her to fly across the room. Bagon jumped over the Hydro Pump, beginning to blaze in the same manner Salamence had done earlier. Raising a claw, it prepared to swipe.

“Salamence, Flamethrower!” I roared.

Unsteadily standing, my Pokémon growled as flames danced around it, eventually gathering in its mouth. A ball of energy formed, and, with a mighty cry, he launched a full-power Flamethrower at his brother. The attack hit head-on, not dealing much damage- but, it managed to direct Bagon off course, as it had no time to let the flames absorb the Flamethrower. Snarling, the dragon Pokémon landed, flames dissipating.

“Horsea, Dragon Dance! Salamence, use Take Down on Cubone!” I ordered.

Horsea began to move around, relaxed. It felt a new power rest on it. The safety of its newfound friends depended on him. The Dragon Dance move was complete- now, to see Salamence fight.

The large dragon began to run; sprinting like its life depended on it. Which it may have… anyway, Cubone remained there, standing still. It didn’t seem to flinch as the dragon rushed towards it. Raising its bone, it jumped, as Salamence tried to stop. Cubone smirked, as it fell back down to earth, still gripping its bone tightly. Finally, with a crash, it impacted on Salamence’s skull, sending the dragon to the ground.

“Horsea, help Salamence out! Use Hydro Pump on Cubone’s belly! Salamence, Flamethrower on its back!” I shouted, figuring out a strategy.

Unfortunately, it seemed Cubone and Bagon had figured out a strategy as well. Bagon began to dart towards the lonely Pokémon and his brother, leaping into the air. Flames once again surrounded him, and, as he fell, he raised a claw. Unfortunately, Salamence had just launched his Flamethrower, which impacted with Bagon. They say fight fire with fire… but not in this case. The young dragon absorbed the powerful blast, the flames licking at his skin and shining in his eyes. With a powerful slash, Bagon tore through Salamence’s skin with its claws, flames tearing into the wound.
Meanwhile, Cubone still stood firmly, as the Hydro Pump neared it.

“Salamence, do anything to shake him off! Try Take Down!” I bellowed.

Still shaking, my Pokémon soared up into the air, leaving Bagon with no time to dodge. He rammed his head smashed directly into Bagon’s stomach, sending him flying. Due to Bagon’s tough skin, Salamence took damage as well, but it did not adversely damage him. Soaring above Cubone, he watched with satisfaction as the Hydro Pump hit Cubone, sending water droplets flying. I- no way! Cubone was using his bone as a shield, protecting herself from the brunt of the attack. Horsea strained to keep it going, as the lonely Pokémon grinned mischievously.

“Salamence, help Horsea out and use Take Down!” I said loudly.

Salamence, having neutralised the threat of Bagon, soared towards Cubone, anger residing on its scaly face. As it flew, it gained speed and power. Knowing this could end the battle, he knew he needed to give it his all. With an intimidating holler, he collided with Cubone at high speed, causing both of them to soar out of control. With a cry, the lonely Pokémon was blasted with the full effect of Hydro Pump, causing her to stumble and fall over. He had successfully tired out Horsea to the point where its attacks did minimal damage. Meanwhile, Salamence got back up, well out of range of Horsea’s Hydro Pump.

“Now, Horsea, quickly finish it with another Hydro Pump!” I roared.

I was too late… I could only watch as Cubone began to thump against its belly in a catchy rhythm. A strange power settled upon the lonely Pokémon, it let out a pained cry as it lost health. Closing its eyes, it began to shake violently, before opening his eyes again, now burning with a new resolve. The Belly Drum had worked. Gripping its Bonemerang, it rushed forward, preparing for a lethal Double-Edge.

“Horsea, try using Swift instead!” I gasped.

Horsea began to move around with a strange rhythm as several stars appeared above it, and, with a large thrust, the stars shot towards Cubone, as it ran towards Horsea and I. Hopefully it would work… and, it did, the stars hitting Cubone hard. It fell backwards, groaning.

“Salamence, Flamethrower on Cubone!” I managed to order.

Howling, Salamence slowly gathered energy. It knew that the battle was over… but it mainly depended on whether this attack took out Cubone. With a yell, he discharged the attack. It shone as it hurtled through the wrecked room, heating the air around it. Cubone could only watch weakly as the attack ploughed into her, sending her past me into the door. With a quiet sound, she fell to the floor, weak. I looked at it as… no way. NO WAY. Using its bone as a sort of cane, the lonely Pokémon pushed itself off of the floor, shaking wildly. Her eyes narrowed, angry. She knew Bagon was still conscious… a one on one battle would be easier to fight. Still trembling, Cubone began to run.

“Horsea, try another Swift!” I shouted, but Horsea could barely stand, let alone fire an attack.

Lowering her head, Cubone continued to run forward, as Salamence, Horsea and I watched.

“Salamence, try a Flamethrower!” I bellowed- this battle was mine.

My Pokémon knew this battle was over. He gathered energy, embers collecting inside its mouth. A flame burned inside, ready to be let loose when Salamence felt ready. Suddenly, a powerful jet of water flew towards him, and struck Salamence on the back, causing him to lose the energy he had gathered. I gasped- standing behind him was Bagon, who was smirking. With that last outburst of anger, he ran out of energy, fainting into a dead heap on the floor as Salamence watched, standing tall.

“Horsea,” Horsea groaned.

Looking back at Horsea, I saw Cubone was nearer than ever. I gritted my teeth… Pokémon battling was never easy.

“Horsea, dodge it!” I ordered.

Horsea attempted to leap out of the way, but Cubone, despite being almost out of energy, was too powerful. I remembered the Belly Drum from earlier, and knew that Horsea would be knocked out no matter what. Salamence couldn’t launch an attack in time, and the tiny seahorse could not dodge. With a tremendous effort, Cubone lobbed her bone into the air. It whizzed past my head, but I ignored it as I watched Cubone leap. With a sickening crunch, she slammed into Horsea, sending both flying across the room. Both Pokémon landed hard, rolling like a dropped rag doll. Even before they stopped, I could see that they had both fainted.

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