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Default Hidden Truths- Part I Conclusion

“Bagon!” I heard a voice yell.

No way. Bagon had come back? How? The Hydro Pump had used up the last of its energy… I had seen it fall. No Pokémon could recover from that. I then looked up at the tubes. Another one had been smashed, and more yellow gas filled the top of the room. I noticed Cubone’s bone lying in front of one of the tubes. She just didn’t quit!

“Salamence, use Flamethrower!” I shouted.

Salamence began gathering more embers, as another flame ignited in its mouth. With a roar, it fired it in a straight line towards Bagon, who lowered his head.

“Bagon!” he shouted, beginning to charge forward.

“Salamence, fly into the air while keeping the Flamethrower directed at Bagon!” I yelled.

Salamence flapped its majestic orange wings, elevating about 2 metres into the air, just below the gas. As Bagon ran underneath, he slowly turned, taking care to keep Bagon under pressure. Finally, the attack overpowered the young dragon, causing him to flip away from the Flamethrower and roll slightly. He swiftly got up, breathing hard and growling.

“Salamence, finish him with Take Down!” I smiled.

Diving steeply, Salamence gathered speed for its possibly lethal encounter. Wind was not on his side, the fans working hard to stop his attempts. Suddenly, Bagon arched its head back, preparing to launch a tough attack. Gathering up energy inside, he growled, knowing the attack was ready to launch. With a battle cry, he launched his Hydro Pump, which caught Salamence in mid-air. He struggled against it, but it didn’t work. My Pokémon gave in, spiralling downwards away from the attack.

“Take Down! We’ve got him now!” I grinned.

Still recovering from the tiredness Hydro Pump had inflicted, Bagon stood still, waiting for Salamence to strike. He did not hesitate as Salamence slammed into him, sending both flying. Suddenly, and unexpectedly, Bagon landed on its feet, jumped into the air. The bigger dragon looked around in confusion- until Bagon slammed his iron-like head into Salamence’s own. Seeing stars, my Pokémon stumbled around confusedly. Salamence… come on… I could only watch as Bagon charged up yet another attack. He launched the cold jet of water towards his brother, and it hit him directly. Shaking his head to dislodge the confusion, he replied by revealing a flame inside his mouth, and launching a deadly Flamethrower attack. The superheated strike collided with Bagon, sending him backwards- yet, the young dragon kept his balance.

“Salamence… DRAGON CLAW!” I roared.

Salamence let out an equally loud and determined roar. White-hot flames gathered around him, and he began to soar forwards, claw raised. I looked around… Bagon was doing the same on the other side of the room. Both brothers glared at each other… this was it. I could feel the tension as the two brothers neared each other. The flames burned brighter than ever. I had to shield my eyes from both the light from above and the two Pokémon. The question was… who was quicker? Bagon leapt into the air, swiping with immense power. His claws penetrated Salamence’s skin, and he let out a howl as the mystical energy burnt him both inside and out. A demented grin twisted Bagon’s features. Suddenly, Bagon’s flames stopped blazing, and he fell back to earth, grinning. There was silence. The plan had worked perfectly.

“Excellent Endure, Salamence.” I grinned. “Now finish the job!”

Salamence let out a roar, as Bagon stood there, unable to believe his bad luck. My Pokémon charged forward, flames blazing yellow, and he slashed with a flaming claw. The attack pierced Bagon’s skin, and he let out a final, pained cry. Wrenching his claws out, Salamence looked as Bagon staggered backwards, towards the fallen Horsea and Cubone, before fainting at last. YES! We’d won!

“Salamence!” my Pokémon shouted, happy.

I pulled out three Ultra Balls- the same three Melody had given me on that night. I hoped that she was okay… and I hoped David had beaten his opponent. They had been so kind to me. Hopefully luck would be kind to me as well.

“Ultra Balls, go!” I said, throwing them towards the three Pokémon.

All of them were sucked into their Pokeballs with a slight ‘whoosh’ sound. They clicked shut, as the Pokémon, despite having fainted, struggled to get out. Would I capture them? Bagon… a friend turned foe. Cubone was a worthy enemy from start to finish. And Horsea… a powerful ally, who, without him, I probably would not have captured the other two. These three Pokémon, trapped inside Pokeballs, simply lying in front of me. Would they break out? Would I capture the Bagon I had suffered so much to obtain?

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