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Default JohtoTrainer's Stats

Name: JT
Age: 18
Money: $36,000
Record: 102/102/2 (reset)

Kanto League:

*Pewter City
*Cerulean City
*Vermillion City
*Celadon City
*Saffron City
*Fuschia City
*Cinnabar Island
*Virdian City

Johto League:
*Violet City
*Azalea Town
*Goldenrod City
*Ecruteak City
*Olivine City
*Cianwood City
*Mahogany Town
*Blackthorn City

Hoenn League:

*Rustboro City
*Dewford Town
*Mauville City
*Lavaridge Town
*Petalburg City
*Fortree City
*Mossdeep Town
*Sootopolis City

Orange Islands:

Mikan Island
Navel Island
Trovita Island
Kumquat Island
Pummelo Island

Bold Gyms are Gyms that I have defeated


Pokemon: Blastoise
Gender: Male
Ability: Torrent
Technical Machines: Surf, Surf


Pokemon: Charizard
Gender: Male
Ability: Blaze
Technical Machines: Toxic, Earthquake, Fire Blast, Swords Dance, Sunny Day, Rest, Sleep Talk, Dragon Breath, Brick Break

Pokemon: Snorlax
Gender: Male
Ability: Immunity
Technical Machines: Reflect, Shadow Ball, Toxic, Earthquake, Self-Ddestruct, Curse, Ice Beam, Flamethrower, Brick Break, Thunderbolt, Rock Slide, Sandstorm, Counter, Surf

Pokemon: Raichu
Gender: Male
Ability: Static
Technical Machines: Dig, Toxic


Pokemon: Umbreon
Gender: Female
Ability: Synchronize
Techinical Machines: Substitute, Toxic, Double Team, Shadow Ball, Attract, Curse, Return, Torment, Taunt, Rest, Protect

Pokemon: Clefable
Gender: Female
Ability: Cute Charm
Techinical Machines: Sunny Day, Flamethrower, Solarbeam, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Reflect, Toxic, Counter, Substitute, Thunder-Wave, Bubblebeam

Pokemon: Dodrio
Gender: Male
Ability: Early Bird
TechinicalMachines: Toxic, Facade, Steel Wing

Pokemon: Kanghskhan
Gender: Female
Ability: Early Bird
Technical Machines: Facade, Fire Blast, Earthquake, Brick Break, Shadow Ball, Toxic, Hyper Beam, Solar Beam, Submission, Rest, Sleep Talk, Surf
Other Moves: Rock Slide

Pokemon: Venasaur
Gender: Male
Ability: Overgrow
Techinical Machines:

Pokemon: Rapidash
Gender: Female
Ability: FlashFire
Techinical Machines:

Pokemon: Jynx
Gender: Female
Ability: Oblivious
Technical Machines: Nightmare, Dream Eater

Pokemon: Raticate
Gender: Male
Ability: Guts
Technical Machines: Thunderbolt, Facade, Hyper Beam, Toxic, Substitute, Shadow Ball

Pokemon: Jolteon
Gender: Male
Ability: Volt Absorb
Technical Machines: Thunderbolt, Counter, Substitute, Rain Dance, Roar, Toxic

Pokemon: Xatu
Gender: Female
Ability: Synchronize
Technical Machines: Aerial Ace

Pokemon: Mr. Mime
Gender: Male
Ability: Soundproof
TechnicalMachines: Attract, Thunder-wave, Toxic, Taunt, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Calm Mind, Thunderbolt, Sunny Day, Solarbeam, Sleep Talk, Shadow Ball, Counter, Torment
Other Moves: Hypnosis

Pokemon: Exeggutor
Gender: Male
Abillity: Chlorophyll
Technical Machines: Psychic

Pokemon: Tyranitar
Gender: Female
Ability: Sandstream
Technical Machines: Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Attract, Toxic

Pokemon: Ninetales
Gender: Female
Ability: Flashfire

Pokemon: Golduck
Gender: Female
Ability: Damp
TechnicalMachiness: Psychic, Calm Mind, Ice Beam Substitute, Toxic, Attract, Surf
Other Moves: Hypnosis

Pokemon: Crobat
Gender: Male
Ability: Inner Focus
Technical Machines: Taunt

Pokemon: Porygon2
Gender: Genderless
Ability: Trace
TechnicalMachines: Thunder-wave, Substitute, Reflect, Toxic, Psychic, Double Team, Swagger, Psych-Up, Curse, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam

Pokemon: Crawdaunt
Gender: Female
Ability: Hyper Cutter
Technical Machines: Sludge Bomb, Toxic, Earthquake, Aerial Ace, Ice Beam, Surf

Pokemon: Houndoom
Gender: Male
Ability: Flash Fire
Technical Machines: Overheat

Pokemon: Miltank
Gender: Female
Ability: Thick Fat
Technical Machines: Earthquake, Shadowball, Return, Protect, Toxic, Brick Break, Attract, Surf
Other Moves: Counter

Pokemon: Heracross
Gender: Male
Ability: Swarm
Technical Machines:

Pokemon: Absol
Gender: Female
Ability: Pressure
Technical Machines:

Pokemon: Togepi
Gender: Male
Ability: Seren Grace
Technical Machines:

~Hall of Fame and Positions!~

Most Badges in One Day!
JohtoTrainer has defeated all of Kanto
JohtoTrainer is now able to face the Elite 4
Pokemart Cashier
Ref Tester
Petalburg Gym Leader RETIRED
Hoenn League Oranganizer
Elite Four Member



Balance Badge
TM Facade

2v2 or 3v3
no items

Record: 6/6/0

Pokemon: ((OWN ALL))


Elite 4 Team:
Mr. Mime

Elite 4 Record: 1/1/0

This suit is black not.

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