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Default Re: Gym Leader's requirements

Originally Posted by koolcurtis
If you all want better gym leaders, then why did u not want to give back dux's gym to him. Instead some noob got it.
Also if you want someone to get more than 2 gym mon, then they most likely are the same type and will give them disadvantages in normal battles. If they got the 2 required mon for the gym and they have 4 mon total, then if they are in a normal 4v4 the opponent would have an easy time as 2 of the mon are basically the same type. It wasn't long ago that you didn't need any monfor a gym, but now you want 2. I say that the gym leaders should fight for their gyms. According to you, the strong should survive, so the winner should get the gym, right?
Agree, I was about to suggest that, but I thought it would be off-topic.

And Jack, oh lord oh moderator, how do we get the badge if we dont challenge them?