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Default Re: Coro Coro Reveals More on Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl!

Originally Posted by PokemonElite2000 View Post
The Two Legendary Pokemon
Though already revealed clearly before (small image of them, but was clear enough to see what we're looking at), the magazine gives us a better look at the two legendaries for Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl. Pokemon Diamond is represented by Diaruga (with the power over space), and Pokemon Pearl is represented by Parukia (with the power over time).
Cool. Parukia would be the one I would want to get first. Just the name makes it sound awesome to me

Originally Posted by PokemonElite2000 View Post
Wi-Fi Features - Online Battling and Online Trading
It was revealed last month that Pokemon Diamond/Pearl will have online voice chat via the DS Wi-Fi connection. It's now confirmed that online battling and online trading will be available in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl. The Wi-Fi features can be accessed through the lower level of a Pokemon Center.
Do you know if this is only open for the area around you (local) or across country? If it's open for across country, somone on Pe2K could start up a trading thread and people could start requesting Pokemon they want and others could respond for a trade.

Originally Posted by PokemonElite2000 View Post
New Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Anime Series
A new Pokemon series, called Pokemon Diamond/Pearl (same as the games), will air in Japan this Fall. The series will feature the female character from the Pokemon Diamond/Pearl games as the main character in the series.
Finally... If Ash isn't in the season, I'll be extremely happy. I'm sorta getting tired of only Ash with other trainers tagging along. Please tell me Ash won't be involved.

My Goal for Pearl is to complete it in 24 hrs game time. Be a first for me if I can...

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